Is Squidward Related to Squilliam? The Mystery Behind the Octopus Rivalry

Squidward Tentacles and Squilliam Fancyson are two characters from SpongeBob SquarePants who have a long-standing rivalry that stems from their high school days. They are both octopuses who share many physical features, but have very different personalities and achievements. Squidward is a grumpy, pessimistic, and unsuccessful cashier at the Krusty Krab, while Squilliam is a rich, arrogant, and successful musician, entrepreneur, and celebrity. But are they related by blood or just by coincidence? This article will explore the possible theories and evidence behind their mysterious relationship.

Theory 1: They are cousins

A possible theory is that Squidward and Squilliam are cousins who grew up in different environments. According to Doms2Cents, Squilliam was born into a rich and influential family, while Squidward was born into a poor and humble one. This could explain why they have different tastes, hobbies, and ambitions in life. It could also explain why they look so similar, except for Squilliam’s unibrow, which he considers to be “big and valuable” . This theory is supported by the fact that they both have the same last name suffix, “-son”, which could indicate a common ancestor.

Theory 2: They are clones

Another possible theory is that Squidward and Squilliam are clones of each other, created by some unknown scientific experiment. According to Encyclopedia SpongeBobia, Squilliam’s character model is nearly identical to Squidward’s, but he has a unibrow and wears a fancy maroon smoking jacket . This could imply that they were genetically engineered to look alike, but with some minor differences. This theory is supported by the fact that they both have the same number of tentacles, six, which is unusual for octopuses, who normally have eight.

The final possible theory is that Squidward and Squilliam are not related at all, but just happen to be very similar by chance. According to The Sponge Club, Squidward and Squilliam have quite a history together. They met in high school band class and became arch-rivals . Squilliam has succeeded in everything Squidward has failed in and thus looks down upon his arch-rival. They have different lifestyles, friends, and goals in life. This theory is supported by the fact that they have never mentioned or acknowledged any family ties between them.


Squidward and Squilliam are two of the most interesting and contrasting characters in SpongeBob SquarePants. Their rivalry is one of the main sources of humor and drama in the show. However, their relationship remains a mystery that has not been officially confirmed or denied by the creators. Whether they are cousins, clones, or strangers, they will always be at odds with each other. Perhaps one day, they will find out the truth behind their octopus rivalry.

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