Is Shelby Related to JJ the Boss? The Truth Behind Their Bond

If you are a fan of Street Outlaws, you might have wondered if Shelby Lynn, the young and talented drag racer, is related to JJ Da Boss, the famous streetcar racer and leader of the Memphis team. The two of them seem to have a father-daughter relationship on the show, and many viewers are curious about their connection. In this article, we will reveal the truth behind their bond and how they became close friends and colleagues.

Who is Shelby Lynn?

Shelby Lynn, also known as Da Baby, is a rising star in the street racing scene. She joined the Memphis Street Outlaws team with JJ Da Boss in October 2022, according to her Facebook profile. She has been featured on the reality TV show Street Outlaws: Memphis, where she showcases her skills and passion for racing.

Shelby Lynn has her own 1969 Camaro, which she built herself and named Cuda. She has won JJ’s Armdrop Challenge twice, as well as other races at JJ’s Armdrop Gulfport Dragway, where she defeated Tricia Wayne, JJ’s wife. She has also competed in events such as Big Chief’s Memorial Day Classic, the OKC No Prep Kings, and the Texas Outlaw Challenge.

Shelby Lynn gets her racing genes from her mother, Pam Cramer Kendrick, who is the president of Memphis International Raceway. Her father is Richard Kendrick Morris Jr., who is a manager of aircraft maintenance at FedEx. She has no biological relation to JJ Da Boss.

Who is JJ Da Boss?

JJ Da Boss is a renowned streetcar racer who rose to fame by appearing on the Discovery Channel’s underground racing reality TV series Street Outlaws. He was born in 1973 and started racing at the age of 10. He invested all his money from his business into his car racing and restoration hobbies.

JJ Da Boss established his own underground street racing scene, Spin City, where he invited racers from all over the country to compete for cash prizes. He also formed his own team of racers, the Memphis Street Outlaws, which includes his wife Tricia Day, his cousin Precious Cooper, and his friend Kenneth Gulley’s daughter Mallory Gulley.

JJ Da Boss is married to Tricia Day, also known as Midget. The couple shared a small-town upbringing just outside of Memphis and started dating in 2008 when he was already a 30-year-old father of seven children from his previous relationships. Together, they have four more children, making him a father of 11 kids.

How are Shelby Lynn and JJ Da Boss related?

Shelby Lynn and JJ Da Boss are not related by blood or by marriage. They are friends and teammates who share a love for street racing. However, their relationship is often mistaken for that of a father and daughter because of their close bond and mutual respect.

JJ Da Boss has shown himself to be a supportive figure in Shelby Lynn’s life, as well as a mentor and a role model. He has taught her the ropes of street racing and helped her improve her skills and confidence. He has also surprised her with her dream car, a blue MSO, in a video posted by TheReal Street Outlaws.

Shelby Lynn looks up to JJ Da Boss as a leader and a friend. She admires his passion and dedication for racing and his loyalty to his team. She also enjoys spending time with him and his family, especially his kids, who call her Aunt Shelby.


Shelby Lynn and JJ Da Boss are not related in any way other than being friends and teammates on the Memphis Street Outlaws team. They have a strong bond that is based on their common interest in street racing and their admiration for each other’s talents and personalities. They are not father and daughter, but they are more than just colleagues. They are family by choice.

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