Is Ron Perlman Related to Rhea Perlman? The Truth Behind the Similar Surnames

Who are Ron Perlman and Rhea Perlman?

Ron Perlman and Rhea Perlman are both well-known American actors who have appeared in numerous films and television shows. Ron Perlman is best known for his roles as Hellboy in the Hellboy franchise, Clay Morrow in Sons of Anarchy, and Benedict Drask in Don’t Look Up. Rhea Perlman is best known for her role as Carla Tortelli in Cheers and its spin-offs, as well as Matilda’s mother in Matilda.

Are they related by blood or marriage?

Despite sharing the same last name, Ron Perlman and Rhea Perlman are not related by blood or marriage. They do not have a familial connection or a common ancestry. According to Wikipedia, Ron Perlman’s parents were Jewish immigrants from Hungary and Poland, while Rhea Perlman’s parents were Jewish immigrants from Russia and Italy. They also have different spouses: Ron Perlman married Opal Stone in 1981 and divorced her in 2019, then married Allison Dunbar in 2022. Rhea Perlman married Danny DeVito in 1982 and separated from him in 2017, but they remain legally married.

Why do they have the same last name?

Perlman is a common Jewish surname that derives from the Yiddish word “perl” meaning “pearl”. It is possible that Ron Perlman and Rhea Perlman have distant relatives who share the same surname, but they are not aware of any direct link between them. According to ABTC, Rhea Perlman is a close friend of Lucy Liu, another actress who has a different surname but a similar ethnicity.


Ron Perlman and Rhea Perlman are both successful actors who have starred in many popular films and television shows. However, they are not related to each other by blood or marriage, despite having the same last name. They have different backgrounds, spouses, and friends, and they have never worked together on screen. Therefore, the answer to the question “is Ron Perlman related to Rhea Perlman” is no.


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