Is Precious Related to JJ the Boss? The Truth Behind the Street Outlaws Stars

Street Outlaws is a popular reality TV show that follows the lives and races of some of the most daring and skilled street racers in the US. The show features a variety of personalities and cars, but two of the most prominent and beloved are JJ Da Boss and Precious Cooper. JJ Da Boss is the leader of the Memphis street racing scene, and Precious Cooper is one of his protégés and best drivers. But are they related by blood? Here’s what we know.

JJ Da Boss: The King of the Streets

JJ Da Boss, whose real name is Jonathan Day, was born on August 10, 1973, in Memphis, Tennessee. He grew up in Joiner, Arkansas, where he developed a passion for cars and racing at an early age. He started racing on the back roads of Arkansas when he was only 10 years old, and soon earned the nickname “The Boss” for his dominance and leadership on the streets.

JJ Da Boss is married to Tricia Day, who is also a street racer and goes by the name “Midget”. They have four children together, and JJ has seven more from previous relationships. JJ and Tricia have been together for over a decade, and they share a love for racing and family. They are both part of the Memphis Street Outlaws team, which competes against other street racing crews from across the country.

JJ Da Boss is known for his charismatic and outspoken personality, as well as his loyalty and generosity to his friends and fellow racers. He is also a mentor to many young and aspiring street racers, including Precious Cooper.

Precious Cooper: The Queen of the Streets

Precious Cooper was born in 1989 in Osceola, Florida. She also grew up in Joiner, Arkansas, where she met JJ Da Boss when she was a teenager. She was fascinated by street racing, and asked JJ to teach her how to race. JJ agreed, and took her under his wing. He taught her everything he knew about cars, engines, driving, and racing. He also gave her a car to race with, which she named “Puddle Jumper”.

Precious Cooper proved to be a natural talent, and quickly rose up the ranks of the street racing scene. She became one of the fastest and most fearless drivers on the streets, earning the respect and admiration of her peers and rivals. She also earned the nickname “The Queen of the Streets”, as she challenged and beat some of the best racers in the country.

Precious Cooper is a regular cast member on Street Outlaws: Memphis, where she showcases her skills and personality. She is also a close friend and confidant of JJ Da Boss, who considers her as part of his family. She is often seen hanging out with JJ and his wife Tricia, as well as their children and grandchildren.

Despite their close bond and similar backgrounds, JJ Da Boss and Precious Cooper are not related by blood. They are not siblings, cousins, or any other kind of kin. They are simply friends who share a passion for street racing and a mutual respect for each other.

However, they do consider each other as family in a broader sense. They have been through many ups and downs together, and they support each other in their personal and professional lives. They have a brother-sister relationship that goes beyond blood ties.

According to HotCars, JJ Da Boss once said about Precious Cooper: “She’s like my sister. I love her like my sister. I’d do anything for her.” Likewise, Precious Cooper once said about JJ Da Boss: “He’s like my big brother. He’s always there for me. He’s taught me everything I know.”


JJ Da Boss and Precious Cooper are two of the most popular stars of Street Outlaws, a reality TV show that follows the adventures of street racers in the US. They are both from Joiner, Arkansas, where they met and became friends. JJ Da Boss taught Precious Cooper how to race, and she became one of his best drivers. They are not related by blood, but they consider each other as family. They are both part of the Memphis Street Outlaws team, which competes against other street racing crews from across the country.

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