Is Nick Chubb related to Bradley Chubb? The truth behind the NFL stars’ family ties

If you are a fan of the NFL, you might have heard of Nick Chubb and Bradley Chubb, two of the best players at their respective positions. Nick Chubb is a star running back for the Cleveland Browns, while Bradley Chubb is a dominant pass rusher for the Denver Broncos. But are they related? And if so, how?

The Chubb cousins

The answer is yes, Nick Chubb and Bradley Chubb are related. They are second cousins, meaning they share the same great-grandparents. They are connected through an aunt, who is Nick’s grandmother and Bradley’s great-aunt.

Despite being related, the two cousins did not meet until 2013, when Nick was making a lot of noise across Georgia with his high school football dominance. Bradley, who is two years older than Nick, was already playing college football at North Carolina State at the time.

“I remember walking around our high school, and my coach asking me, ‘Do you know that Chubb kid from Cedartown?’ I started asking my dad, ‘Do we know him?’ So I think that helped get us together,” Bradley said in 2013, according to Sporting News.

The two cousins have faced each other three times in the NFL since they were both drafted in 2018. Bradley was taken by the Broncos with the fifth overall pick, while Nick was selected by the Browns in the second round, with the 35th pick. Bradley even recorded his first career tackle on his cousin Nick in their first meeting.

The Chubbtown legacy

Nick and Bradley are not the only Chubbs to have played football at a high level. They come from a long line of athletes and pioneers who trace their roots back to a historic town in Georgia founded in the 1800s.

Chubbtown, as it is known, was established by eight brothers who were Nick and Bradley’s ancestors. They were free black men who settled on a hillside above a creek in what was then a remote area of Georgia. They built a self-sustaining community that included farms, mills, a post office, a distillery, a general store and a blacksmith.

The town was spared by Union soldiers during the Civil War, as they respected the Chubbs’ independence and hard work. Nick Chubb says his ancestors who founded Chubbtown were not slaves.

Nick was born in Cedartown, Georgia, which is near Chubbtown, while Bradley was born in Powder Springs, Georgia, about an hour away from each other.

Other members of the Chubb family who have played football include:

– Brandon Chubb (Bradley’s brother): Played linebacker at Wake Forest and signed with the Rams practice squad in 2016. Spent time with several NFL teams during the offseason.

– Aaron Chubb (Bradley and Brandon’s father): Played linebacker at Georgia. Drafted by the Patriots in the 12th round of the 1989 NFL Draft.

– Henry Chubb (Nick’s father): Played linebacker at Valdosta State.

– Zachary Chubb (Nick’s brother): Played linebacker at Air Force.


Nick Chubb and Bradley Chubb are two of the most talented and successful players in the NFL today. They are also second cousins who share a proud and remarkable family history that goes back to their ancestors who founded Chubbtown in Georgia. The two cousins have a lot of respect and admiration for each other, as well as for their heritage.

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