Is Nelson Brands Related To Tom Brands? The Truth Behind The Wrestling Family

Many wrestling fans have wondered if Nelson Brands, a rising star in the Iowa Hawkeyes wrestling team, is related to Tom Brands, the legendary Olympic gold medalist and head coach of the same team. The answer is yes, they are related by blood and by passion for the sport. Here is how Nelson Brands is related to Tom Brands and what makes them a wrestling family.

Nelson Brands is Tom Brands’ nephew

Nelson Brands is the son of Terry Brands, who is Tom Brands’ twin brother. Terry Brands is also an accomplished wrestler, who won two NCAA titles, two world titles and an Olympic bronze medal in his career. Terry is now the associate head coach of the Iowa Hawkeyes, working alongside his brother Tom.

Nelson grew up in a wrestling environment, surrounded by his father and uncle’s achievements and influence. He started wrestling competitively in sixth grade and soon showed his talent and potential. He won three state titles for Iowa City West High School and was ranked as a top-100 recruit in the 2018 class.

Nelson chose to follow his father and uncle’s footsteps and joined the Iowa Hawkeyes wrestling team in 2018. He has been a consistent performer for the team, competing at 165, 174 and 184 pounds. He is currently the starter at 184 pounds and has a 2-0 record this season, including a dominant win over Nebraska All-American Taylor Venz.

Nelson Brands has his own style and personality

Although Nelson Brands shares the same surname and passion for wrestling as Tom Brands, he is not a carbon copy of his uncle. Nelson has his own style and personality, both on and off the mat.

Nelson is known for being adventurous and humorous. He enjoys climbing mountains and has scaled 22 peaks over 14,000 feet in Colorado. He also likes to crack jokes and make funny remarks during interviews. He once answered every question with “I’m just enjoying wrestling” after beating Venz.

Nelson is also different from Tom in terms of his wrestling technique and strategy. While Tom was a lightweight star who relied on speed, intensity and aggression, Nelson is a bigger wrestler who uses more finesse, creativity and versatility. Nelson can score from various positions and angles, using his strength, flexibility and balance.

Nelson’s style has impressed both his father and uncle, who have praised his progress and potential. Terry Brands said that Nelson is “a handful” on the mat and that he has improved his mental toughness and confidence. Tom Brands said that Nelson is “his own man” and that he has a lot of tools to be successful.

Nelson Brands aims to continue the family legacy

Nelson Brands may have his own style and personality, but he also shares the same goal as Tom Brands: to win championships. Nelson has grown up watching his father and uncle achieve greatness in wrestling, both as athletes and coaches. He has also witnessed the Iowa Hawkeyes’ tradition of excellence, as they have won 23 NCAA team titles and produced 84 individual champions.

Nelson wants to continue the family legacy and add his name to the list of Iowa’s wrestling legends. He has worked hard to improve his skills, conditioning and mindset, and he has shown his potential against some of the best wrestlers in the country. He has also embraced the team culture and spirit, supporting his teammates and coaches.

Nelson has a long way to go before he can match his father and uncle’s accomplishments, but he has the talent, drive and support to do so. He is not just related to Tom Brands by blood, but also by passion for wrestling. He is part of a wrestling family that strives for excellence on the mat.

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