Is Matt Barnett Related to Cole Barnett? The Truth Behind the Love Is Blind Stars

Love Is Blind is a popular reality TV show on Netflix that features singles who try to find their soulmates through blind dates in isolated pods. The show has been a huge hit among viewers who enjoy watching the drama, romance, and twists that unfold as the couples get engaged and prepare for their weddings.

One of the most talked-about couples from the show is Matt Barnett and Amber Pike, who got married on season 1 and are still going strong after four years. Another couple that made headlines was Cole Barnett and Zanab Jaffrey, who broke up at the altar on season 3 after a tumultuous relationship.

But are Matt and Cole Barnett related? Many fans have wondered if the two reality stars share a family connection, given their similar last names and appearances. Here’s what we know about their backgrounds and whether they are related or not.

Matt Barnett’s Background and Family

Matt Barnett is a 32-year-old engineer from Georgia who works in Canton. He graduated from Hillgrove High School in Cobb County in 2009 and from Georgia Institute of Technology in 2013 with a degree in environmental engineering.

He is a fan of the college football team Alabama Crimson Tide and loves to travel. He has visited places like Rome, Italy and Cancun, Mexico with his wife Amber. He also has a dog named Koda.

According to WikiofCelebs, Matt Barnett was born on October 23, 1991, in an American family. However, his parents’ names and other details about his family are not publicly known. He has not mentioned any siblings or relatives on his social media accounts or on the show.

Cole Barnett’s Background and Family

Cole Barnett is a 27-year-old realtor from Texas who works in Houston. He graduated from The King’s University in 2017 with a degree in general Christian studies. He also served as a youth pastor in San Diego before returning to his home state and entering the real estate market.

He is an avid golfer and enjoys spending time with his friends. He has posted photos of his family on his Instagram account, including his parents, grandparents, and cousins. He also has a sister named Kelsey, who appeared on Love Is Blind as well.

According to Nextau, Cole Barnett was born on April 23, 1995, in Texas. His parents’ names are Mark and Lisa Barnett, and they live in Spring, Texas. His father is a pastor at Faithbridge Church, where Cole also attends.

Based on the information available online, it seems that Matt and Cole Barnett are not related. They have different parents, different birthplaces, different birthdays, and different careers. They also do not follow each other on social media or interact with each other publicly.

While they both have the same last name, which is fairly common in the US, there is no evidence to suggest that they share any blood relation or distant ancestry. They may have some distant cousins or relatives with the same surname, but that does not mean that they are related to each other.

Therefore, we can conclude that Matt and Cole Barnett are not related and that their appearance on Love Is Blind is just a coincidence. They are both independent individuals who have their own lives and stories to tell.

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