Is Luke Gifford related to Frank Gifford? The Truth About the NFL Linebackers

If you are a fan of American football, you might have heard of two players named Luke Gifford and Frank Gifford. Both of them are linebackers who played in the National Football League (NFL) for different teams. But are they related by blood or just by name? This article will explore the facts and reveal the truth about the relationship between Luke Gifford and Frank Gifford.

Who is Luke Gifford?

Luke Gifford is a young and talented linebacker who currently plays for the Tennessee Titans. He was born on August 28, 1995, in Lincoln, Nebraska. He attended Lincoln Southeast High School, where he was a two-way player as a tight end and safety. He also played quarterback as a senior

He then went to the University of Nebraska, where he played college football as a linebacker. He was named an All-American after rushing for 841 yards on 195 carries during his final season He was not drafted in the 2019 NFL Draft, but he signed with the Dallas Cowboys as an undrafted free agent. He played for the Cowboys for four seasons, appearing in 46 games and recording 40 tackles, one interception, and one forced fumble

In 2023, he joined the Tennessee Titans as an unrestricted free agent. He wears the number 57 jersey and is expected to contribute to the Titans’ defense and special teams

Who is Frank Gifford?

Frank Gifford is a legendary and Hall of Fame linebacker who played for the New York Giants from 1952 to 1964. He was born on August 16, 1930, in Santa Monica, California. He graduated from Bakersfield High School, where he excelled in football, basketball, and track. He then attended the University of Southern California (USC), where he was a star halfback and flanker. He was named an All-American in 1951 and was drafted by the Giants in the first round of the 1952 NFL Draft

He had a stellar career with the Giants, winning the NFL Championship in 1956 and being named the NFL Most Valuable Player by United Press International, Sporting News, and United Press International that same year. He also participated in five league championship games and was selected to eight Pro Bowls. He played various positions on offense and defense, including halfback, wide receiver, defensive back, and kicker. He retired in 1964 with 3,609 rushing yards, 5,434 receiving yards, and 77 total touchdowns. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1977 and had his number 16 jersey retired by the Giants

After his playing career, he became a successful sportscaster, working for ABC’s Monday Night Football, Wide World of Sports, and the Olympics for 27 years. He also appeared in several movies and TV shows as an actor. He was married three times and had five children. His third wife was TV host Kathie Lee Gifford, whom he married in 1986 and stayed with until his death in 2015 at the age of 84

The answer is no. Luke Gifford and Frank Gifford are not related by blood or by marriage. They just happen to share the same surname and play the same position in football.

According to Wikipedia, Gifford is a common surname of English origin that derives from either “Gifard”, meaning “chubby-cheeked” or “Gifre”, meaning “hostage”. There are many people with this surname in various fields and professions, such as actors, musicians, politicians, writers, and athletes.

Therefore, it is not surprising that there are two NFL linebackers with this surname who are not related to each other. They are just coincidental namesakes who have made their mark in football history.


Luke Gifford and Frank Gifford are two NFL linebackers who have played for different teams and eras. They are not related by blood or by marriage, but they share a common surname that originates from England. They are both accomplished players who have earned respect and recognition for their skills and achievements on the field.

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