Is Lucifer Season 7 Happening? Or There Is A Spinoff Coming?


We all have heard about the TV series Lucifer, right? Where The incarnation of the devil itself takes a tour to the earth and things start to go crazy around him? Now. ‘Lucifer’ is one among many bright paradigms of how viewers are the supreme command behind the uprising or degradation of any show. The super-popular supernatural super-drama series survived a cancellation after a tremendous movement of fans and went on to produce six seasons full of entertainment and received top-notch acclamation. centering the prominent character of DC Comics, the series elaborates the tale of Lucifer Morningstar, the Devil in the form of a man living on Earth. Visually serialized by Tom Kapinos, it was first aired in 2016 and most of it was a show of police action. Now as 6 unique parts have been broadcasted till now, let’s talk about Lucifer Season 7.

Is Lucifer Season 7 Coming?

Lucifer Season 6 was broadcasted on 10th September this year on Netflix. This season had 10 episodes in its sleeves each with an average runtime of 55 minutes. It was aired almost after 4 months of the 2nd part of the fifth season was released on streaming platforms.

In all these seasons of Lucifer, if we got to know anything related to a nominal character, that is, you can’t easily dump Lucifer and move forward. That was also veritable of the show itself, all along. The series’ actual producer Fox Network ditch it after season 3. But not long after, Netflix said “stop right there… I’m in” and took initiation for season 4. Broadcasting Chad revived the series with a fifth season that was supposed to be the last of the row. Nonetheless, due to the popularity of the show, Netflix cleared the coast for its sixth installment by mid-2020.

As for the story, the 6th season is a kind of final chapter that ends with some cool AF closure when Lucifer realizes his call. He gets that hell is no longer in need of a protector but somebody that can heal others. He enlightens Rory from merging into her hot blood and self-hatred. Therefore, Lucifer uplifts her spiritually and hopes is he could do the exact thing with the other tormented souls of hell. The series concludes when Lucifer goes back to hell as a changed person. so we can assure you that there won’t be any Lucifer Season 7 coming.

If you think it’ll be better to continue with a seventh season still now, you should be aware that, it’ll be needing reformation of a load of psychological stages and weights that built up at the end of season 6. Hence, considering every possible outcome (not trynna be Dr. Strange tho), it’s time to say Sayonara to Morningstar and his companions once and for all, remembering the times of overwhelming excitement watching the devil and his companions in actual action.

In this time of age, it’s kinda possible that every random thing gets a sequel. So it’s kinda okay if Lucifer appears again in front of our eyes, as some reborn dude with a new appearance. But that’ll take a few years to get on stage. Until then, grab the popcorn bucket, spend some cash if you already haven’t for a Netflix subscription and start binge-watching.

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