Is Levi Related to Mikasa? The Truth Behind the Ackerman Family

If you are a fan of Attack on Titan, you might have wondered about the relationship between two of the most skilled and popular characters in the series: Levi and Mikasa. Both of them share the same surname, Ackerman, and both of them possess extraordinary abilities that make them stand out among their peers. But are they really related? And if so, how closely? In this article, we will try to answer these questions based on the information available in the manga and anime.

The Ackerman Family History

According to Fiction Horizon, the Ackerman family is one of the oldest and most influential families in the history of humanity. They were originally created by the First King of the Walls as his personal bodyguards, using a special bloodline that granted them enhanced physical and mental abilities. They were also immune to the King’s mind control, which allowed them to retain their memories and free will.

However, this also made them a threat to the King’s ideology of peace and ignorance. When the Ackermans rebelled against the King’s tyranny, they were persecuted and hunted down by the royal government. Many of them were killed or forced to flee, while others hid their identity and lived among the common people.

The Branches of the Ackerman Family

As CBR explains, there are two main branches of the Ackerman family that survived the purge: one that lived in the interior of Wall Sina, and one that moved to the outskirts of Wall Maria. The former branch is where Levi comes from, while the latter branch is where Mikasa comes from.

Levi is the son of Kuchel Ackerman, a prostitute who worked in the underground city beneath Wall Sina. He never knew his father, and was raised by his uncle Kenny Ackerman, a notorious assassin who worked for the royal government. Kenny taught Levi how to fight and survive in the harsh environment, but also kept him in the dark about his true heritage.

Mikasa is the daughter of Mr. Ackerman, a descendant of the branch that moved to Shiganshina District. He married an Asian woman named Carla, who belonged to another persecuted minority in the walls. They lived a peaceful life until they were killed by human traffickers who wanted to sell Mikasa for her rare bloodline. She was then rescued by Eren Yeager, who became her adoptive brother and lifelong protector.

The Awakening of the Ackerman Power

Both Levi and Mikasa experienced a moment in their lives when they felt a surge of power awaken in them. This power is what makes them so formidable on the battlefield, as they can access their full potential and instincts without hesitation or fear.

For Levi, this moment happened when he was a teenager, during his first encounter with Kenny after he left him. Kenny tried to kill him, but Levi managed to dodge his bullets and fight back with his knife. He felt a sudden clarity and confidence in his actions, as if he knew what to do without thinking.

For Mikasa, this moment happened when she was nine years old, during her first encounter with Eren after he saved her from the traffickers. Eren told her to fight back and kill one of them, but she hesitated until she saw him in danger. She then felt a rush of strength and courage in her body, as if she heard someone telling her to fight.

The Relationship Between Levi and Mikasa

Looper states that Levi and Mikasa are indeed related by blood, but it is a very distant relation that neither of them are aware of until much later in the story. They first meet during Eren’s trial, where Levi brutally beats him up to prove that he can control him as a Titan. Mikasa despises Levi for this act, and vows to kill him if he ever hurts Eren again.

However, their relationship changes over time, as they work together on several missions and face many dangers. They develop a mutual respect and understanding for each other’s skills and motivations, as well as a sense of loyalty and trust. They also learn more about their shared heritage and history, which makes them feel closer as comrades.

However, they are not very close emotionally or personally, as they have different personalities and priorities. Levi is more cold and pragmatic, while Mikasa is more warm and emotional. Levi cares more about humanity’s survival and victory, while Mikasa cares more about Eren’s safety and happiness. They also have different opinions on how to deal with Eren’s actions and choices, which causes some conflicts between them.


To sum up, Levi and Mikasa are related by blood as distant cousins from different branches of the Ackerman family. They share a common ancestor who was created by the First King as his bodyguard, but rebelled against him later. They also share a common power that makes them exceptional fighters and warriors. However, they are not very close as family or friends, as they have different backgrounds and goals. They respect and trust each other as soldiers, but they also clash and disagree on some matters. They are both complex and fascinating characters who play important roles in the story of Attack on Titan.

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