Is Henry Ian Cusick Related to John Cusack? The Truth Behind the Rumor

Many people have wondered if the actors Henry Ian Cusack and John Cusack are related by blood or by marriage. They share the same surname and have both appeared in popular movies and TV shows. However, the truth is that they are not related at all, despite some misleading information on the internet. Here is what we know about their backgrounds and family histories.

Who is Henry Ian Cusick?

Henry Ian Cusick is a Scottish actor of television, film, and theatre. He was born in Trujillo, Peru, to a Peruvian mother and a Scottish father. He moved to Spain, Scotland, and Trinidad and Tobago during his childhood, and attended the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. He is fluent in English and Spanish, and was raised Roman Catholic.

Cusick began his career as a classical theatre actor, playing roles such as Dorian Gray, Hamlet, and Torquato Tasso. He received a commendation at the 1995 Ian Charleson Awards for outstanding performance by a young actor in a classical theatre role.

He became famous for his role as Desmond Hume in the ABC series Lost, for which he received a Primetime Emmy Award nomination. He also starred as Jesus Christ in The Gospel of John, as Stephen Finch in Scandal, as Marcus Kane in The 100, as Dr. Jonas Lear in The Passage, and as Russell “Russ” Taylor in MacGyver.

Who is John Cusack?

John Cusack is an American actor, producer, and screenwriter. He was born in Evanston, Illinois, to a teacher mother and an actor-filmmaker father. He has Irish ancestry on both sides of his family. He has four siblings who are also actors: Joan, Ann, Bill, and Susie.

Cusack started acting as a teenager and has since appeared in more than 70 films. He has also co-written and produced many of his productions. Some of his notable films include Say Anything…, Being John Malkovich, High Fidelity, Serendipity, Must Love Dogs, and 2012.

Cusack is also known for his political activism. He is outspoken in his criticism of Hollywood practices, US government policies, and war involvement.

Henry Ian Cusick and John Cusack are not related by blood or by marriage. They have different ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, and family histories. They do not share any common ancestors or relatives.

There is some confusion on the internet because of a website that claims that they are cousins by marriage. The website states that they both married into the same family in 2003 and have the same mother-in-law who was born in Peru. However, this website is not credible or reliable. It does not provide any sources or evidence to support its claim. It also contains many factual errors and inconsistencies.

For example, the website says that Henry Ian Cusick married Annie Wood in 2003. However, according to other sources, he married Annie Cusick Wood in 1992. The website also says that John Cusack married Jodi Lyn O’Keefe in 2003. However, according to other sources, he never married her and they broke up in 2009.

Therefore, we can conclude that Henry Ian Cusick and John Cusack are not related at all. They just happen to have the same surname, which is not uncommon among people of different origins.

The History of the Cusack Name

The surname Cusack has its origins in Cussac, a place name in Guienne, France. The name first appeared in Ireland in the 11th century when some Norman knights settled there after the invasion of England by William the Conqueror. The name spread across Ireland through the 12th century as more Normans arrived.

The name has several historical variants, such as de Cussac, de Cíosóg, de Cusack, Cussack, Kuzack, and Cusick. The name is also found in England and Scotland.

The name means “one who came from Cussac” or “descendant of de Cussac”. The name de Cussac may derive from the Latin word “causa”, meaning “cause” or “reason”, or from the Celtic word “cuss”, meaning “a hollow”.

Some notable people with the surname Cusack include:

  • Christopher Cusack (died 1578), an Irish rebel leader
  • Patrick Sarsfield (died 1693), an Irish soldier and Jacobite leader whose mother was Catherine de Cusack
  • Catherine Hayes (1818-1861), an Irish opera singer whose maiden name was Catherine Cusack
  • James Cusack (1841-1918), an Irish politician and journalist
  • Cyril Cusack (1910-1993), an Irish actor and father of Sinéad, Sorcha, Niamh, and Catherine Cusack, who are also actors
  • Maureen Cusack (1920-1977), an Irish actress and sister of Cyril Cusack
  • Anne-Marie Cusack (born 1945), an Irish actress and sister of Cyril Cusack
  • Sinéad Cusack (born 1948), an Irish actress and daughter of Cyril Cusack
  • Sorcha Cusack (born 1949), an Irish actress and daughter of Cyril Cusack
  • Niamh Cusack (born 1959), an Irish actress and daughter of Cyril Cusack
  • Catherine Cusack (born 1968), an Irish actress and daughter of Cyril Cusack
  • Mick Cusack (born 1971), an Irish hurler
  • Shane Cusack (born 1986), an Irish footballer
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