Is Fat Perez Related to Pat Perez? The Truth Behind the Golf Influencer

If you are a fan of golf and social media, you might have heard of Fat Perez, the golf influencer who is known for his hilarious videos and posts on Instagram. But who is Fat Perez and is he related to Pat Perez, the PGA Tour player?

The Origin of Fat Perez

Fat Perez is not his real name, but a nickname he got from a golf game. His real name is Nick Stubbe, and he is not biologically related to Pat or Mike Perez, the brothers who are both professional golfers.

According to an article by Players Bio, Nick always had a similar appearance to Pat, and many people would call him Pat Perez when they saw him on the course. One time, he beat an angry guy in a golf game, and the guy called him “Fat Perez” as an insult. Nick decided to embrace the name and use it as his brand.

The Connection with Bob Does Sports

Nick met Robby Berger, the comedian behind the social media sensation Bob Does Sports, during the pandemic. He joined Berger’s Zoom happy hours and impressed him with his humor and golf skills.

As Berger told, “When he came in, he just lit it up. And then when we found out how good of a golfer he is, I was like, all right, he’s a shoo-in.”

Nick quit his job in public accounting and commercial real estate investment funds and joined Bob Does Sports full-time. He is now one of Berger’s sidekicks, along with other golf personalities like Bob Menery and Paige Spiranac.

The Rise of Fat Perez

Nick has been featured on several podcasts and videos with Bob Does Sports, where he showcases his golf talent and humor. He also has his own website and Instagram account @fatperez, where he posts his own content and interacts with his fans.

He has over 100k followers on Instagram and has collaborated with brands like Callaway, Travis Mathew, Vice Golf, and more. He is also known for his signature move, the “Euro Step”, which he does after hitting a good shot.

Nick has said that he loves the game of golf and enjoys making people laugh. He is not afraid to poke fun at himself or others, but he also respects the game and its traditions.

He is not related to Pat Perez by blood, but he considers him a friend and a mentor. He has played golf with him several times and has learned a lot from him.


Fat Perez is not related to Pat Perez, but he is a golf influencer who has made a name for himself in the social media world. He is part of Bob Does Sports, where he entertains millions of golf fans with his videos and posts. He is also a good golfer who has played with Pat Perez and other PGA Tour players.

Fat Perez is not just a nickname, but a brand that represents his personality and passion for golf. He is not trying to be someone else, but rather embracing who he is and having fun with it.

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