Is Diego Related to Dora? The Truth Behind the Explorer’s Family Tree

Dora the Explorer is one of the most popular and iconic animated characters of all time. She is a brave and adventurous girl who loves to explore the world with her monkey friend Boots, her talking backpack, and her map. She also has a cousin named Diego, who is an animal rescuer and shares her passion for exploration. But how are they related exactly? And who are their other family members? In this article, we will reveal the truth behind the explorer’s family tree and answer the question: is Diego related to Dora?

Diego is Dora’s Cousin

The first thing to know is that Diego is Dora’s cousin. Though it’s never confirmed how they’re related in the show, they’re presumably first paternal cousins considering they share the same last name (i.e. Dora’s mother and Diego’s father are siblings). According to Dora the Explorer Fandom, Diego was introduced in season 3 episode 2, which aired in October 2003. Then, in 2005, Diego was the focus of a new show – Go, Diego, Go! – which came to an end in 2011.

Diego and Dora have a lot in common. They both speak Spanish and English, they both love animals and nature, and they both use various gadgets and tools to help them on their adventures. They also have similar personalities: they are both optimistic, courageous, friendly, and curious. They often team up to solve problems and help others in need.

Diego’s Family

Diego comes from a family of three kids, with the three kids consisting of himself and two daughters. However, while Dora’s the oldest kid in her family (her younger brother and sister, Guillermo and Isabella, are fraternal twins), Diego’s the youngest kid in his family (he has two older sisters named Daisy and Alicia). Diego’s parents are Sabrina and Nico Márquez, who are both animal scientists and run the Animal Rescue Center where Diego lives and works. Diego also has a paternal grandmother named Valerie and a paternal grandfather named Abuelito.

Diego’s best friend is Baby Jaguar, a young jaguar cub who accompanies him on his missions. Diego also has a talking camera named Click, who helps him locate animals and take pictures of them. He also has a talking backpack named Rescue Pack, who can transform into anything Diego needs. Diego’s main enemies are the Bobo Brothers, two mischievous spider monkeys who like to cause trouble for him and the animals.

Dora’s Family

Dora also comes from a family of three kids, with the three kids consisting of herself and two sons. As mentioned before, Dora’s younger siblings are Guillermo and Isabella Márquez, who are fraternal twins. Dora’s parents are Elena and Cole Márquez, who are both archaeologists and explorers. Dora also has a maternal grandmother named Abuela.

Dora’s best friend is Boots, a blue monkey who wears red boots. Dora also has a talking map named Map, who helps her find her way to her destinations. She also has a talking backpack named Backpack, who carries everything she needs for her journeys. Dora’s main enemy is Swiper, a sneaky fox who likes to steal things from her and her friends.


Diego is Dora’s cousin and they share a lot of similarities. They both come from families of explorers and animal lovers, they both speak two languages, they both use gadgets and tools to help them on their adventures, and they both have talking animal friends and enemies. They also have some differences: they have different siblings, different parents’ occupations, different gadgets’ names, and different main enemies. They are both beloved characters who have entertained millions of children around the world with their educational and fun shows.

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