Is Dakota Striplin Related to Elvis Presley? The Truth Behind the Rumor

Dakota Striplin is a singer and songwriter who rose to fame after appearing on America’s Got Talent and The Voice Australia. He has a remarkable voice and a striking resemblance to the legendary Elvis Presley. But is he really related to the King of Rock and Roll? Here is what we know about his family history and his connection to Elvis.

Dakota’s Grandmother Worked for Elvis

According to Ben Vaughn, Dakota’s grandmother worked for Elvis in Hawaii around the time Dakota’s father was conceived. She was a dancer and a singer who performed with Elvis in some of his movies. She also had a close relationship with him and was invited to his private parties.

Dakota’s grandfather was also from Hawaii, but he was not involved in the entertainment industry. He met Dakota’s grandmother when she returned to the island after working with Elvis. They got married and had three children, one of them being Dakota’s father.

Dakota’s family discovered that his father was not biologically related to his siblings when they did a DNA test. His grandparents had passed away before the test results were completed, so they could not confirm or deny anything. However, the family suspected that Dakota’s father might have been the result of an affair between his grandmother and Elvis.

Dakota also revealed that he shares the same blood type as Elvis, which is rare among his family members. He said, “Based on the DNA evidence, my father and Elvis both shared the same blood pool, which no other family member shared in this family.”

Dakota Has Not Met Any of Elvis’ Relatives

Despite the rumors and speculations, Dakota has not met any of Elvis’ relatives or confirmed his relation to him. He said that he would love to meet Lisa Marie Presley, Elvis’ daughter, and Benjamin Keough, Elvis’ grandson, who sadly passed away in 2020. He also said that he respects Elvis’ legacy and does not want to tarnish it by claiming to be his grandson without proof.

Dakota has been influenced by Elvis’ music and style, but he also has his own identity and talent. He has been performing professionally for over six years and has signed a record deal with Perfect Pitch Publishing. He has also written songs for weddings, engagements, and gifts for friends and family.


Dakota Striplin is a talented singer who bears a striking resemblance to Elvis Presley. He might be related to him through his grandmother, who worked with Elvis in Hawaii, but he has not confirmed or denied it. He has not met any of Elvis’ relatives or claimed to be his grandson. He respects Elvis’ legacy and wants to make his own mark in the music industry.

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