Is Cory on Good Bones Related to Mina? The Truth About the Project Manager

If you are a fan of HGTV’s hit show Good Bones, you might be wondering about the relationship between Cory Miller, the project manager, and Mina Starsiak Hawk, the co-founder and owner of Two Chicks and a Hammer. Are they related by blood or just by business? Here’s what we know about Cory and his role on the show.

Cory Miller is not part of the Starsiak family tree

While many of the cast members of Good Bones are related in one way or another, Cory Miller is not one of them. He is an employee of Two Chicks and a Hammer, the renovation business founded by Mina and her mom, Karen Laine. He works as the project manager, overseeing the construction and design aspects of the projects. He often collaborates with Tad Starsiak, Mina’s brother and the property specialist on the show.

According to Screen Rant, Cory has known the Starsiak family since high school, so he is close to them as friends. However, he does not share any blood ties with them. In fact, Mina and Karen made a very confusing video explaining their complicated family tree, and Cory was not mentioned in it at all.

Cory Miller has a nickname and a pet pig

Fans of Good Bones may have noticed that sometimes the crew calls Cory by a different name: Toey. This is not a typo or a mistake. Cory explained on his Instagram that this nickname came from Mina’s niece Julie, who couldn’t pronounce his name properly. He said they just rolled with it and it stuck.

Cory also has a very adorable pet pig named Christopher Wallace Miller, or Topher for short. Topher even has his own Instagram account where he showcases his cute antics and outfits. Cory is a huge animal lover and he also has several dogs, cats and chickens. He and his girlfriend, Shelby Lynn Wade, also foster rescue animals and help them find loving homes.

Cory Miller loves his job on Good Bones

Cory is not only a project manager but also a talented carpenter and craftsman. He enjoys working on the renovation projects on Good Bones and making Mina’s visions come to life. He also has a great sense of humor and often jokes around with Tad and the rest of the crew.

Cory shares his work-related photos and videos on his Instagram account, where he has over 18k followers. He also interacts with his fans and answers their questions about the show. He is grateful for the opportunity to work on Good Bones and to be part of the Two Chicks and a Hammer family.

According to The List, Cory worked for Two Chicks and a Hammer long before HGTV came calling. He is loyal to Mina and Karen and their mission to revitalize homes in their Indianapolis neighborhood. He is an integral part of the show and its success.


Cory Miller is not related to Mina Starsiak Hawk by blood, but he is related by business and friendship. He is the project manager on Good Bones and works closely with Mina and her brother Tad. He is also an animal lover, a nickname holder and a social media star. He is one of the most popular cast members on Good Bones and fans love him for his skills, personality and charm.

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