Is Chelsea Clinton’s Husband Related to George Soros? The Truth Behind the Rumor

There is a persistent rumor that Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, is married to a nephew of George Soros, the billionaire investor and philanthropist. The rumor claims that Chelsea’s husband, Marc Mezvinsky, is the son of Soros’s sister, Daisy Soros. But is there any truth to this rumor? Or is it just another conspiracy theory spread by political opponents of the Clintons and Soros?

The Origin of the Rumor

The rumor seems to have originated from a blog post published in 2016 by a website called Mad World News, which describes itself as “a conservative news outlet that delivers the truth”. Mad World News claimed that Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky were cousins, and that their marriage was part of a “Soros-Clinton alliance” to advance a globalist agenda. The blog post cited a genealogy website called as its source, which allegedly showed that Daisy Soros was Marc Mezvinsky’s mother.

However, a closer look at the page reveals that it was not a reliable source at all. The page was created by an anonymous user who did not provide any sources or evidence for the claims. Moreover, the page has since been deleted by for violating its terms of service. states that it does not allow “malicious or fraudulent profiles” or “profiles created for political or religious agendas”.

The Facts About Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky’s Families

The truth is that Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky are not related to George Soros in any way. They are not cousins, nor are they in-laws. They are simply two people who fell in love and got married.

Chelsea Clinton was born in 1980 in Little Rock, Arkansas, to Bill and Hillary Clinton. She graduated from Stanford University, Oxford University, and Columbia University, and has worked as a journalist, author, academic, and activist. She is currently the vice chair of the Clinton Foundation, a nonprofit organization that works on global issues such as health, education, and women’s rights.

Marc Mezvinsky was born in 1977 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Edward Mezvinsky and Marjorie Margolies. Both of his parents were Democratic members of Congress in the 1990s. He graduated from Stanford University and Oxford University, and has worked as an investment banker and hedge fund manager. He is currently a managing director at TPG Capital, a private equity firm.

Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky met as teenagers at a Democratic retreat in 1993, but they did not start dating until 2005. They got engaged in 2009 and married in 2010 in Rhinebeck, New York. They have three children: Charlotte, Aidan, and Jasper.

The Facts About George Soros and His Family

George Soros was born in 1930 in Budapest, Hungary, to Tivadar and Erzebet Soros. He survived the Nazi occupation of Hungary as a Jewish child by using false papers provided by his father. He moved to London in 1947 and studied philosophy at the London School of Economics. He emigrated to New York in 1956 and became one of the most successful investors in history. He founded the Quantum Fund, which made him famous for betting against the British pound in 1992. He is also known for his philanthropy through the Open Society Foundations, which support democracy, human rights, and education around the world.

George Soros has been married three times and has five children: Robert, Andrea, Jonathan, Alexander, and Gregory. He also has several grandchildren. His current wife is Tamiko Bolton, whom he married in 2013.

George Soros has one brother, Paul Soros, who died in 2013. Paul Soros was also a successful businessman and philanthropist who founded Soros Associates, an engineering firm that specialized in bulk handling systems. Paul Soros had two children: Peter and Jeffrey.

George Soros does not have a sister named Daisy Soros. He does have a sister-in-law named Daisy Soros, who is the widow of Paul Soros. Daisy Soros was born in Budapest as Daisy Schlenger and moved to New York with Paul Soros in 1956. She is a prominent socialite and philanthropist who serves on the boards of several cultural institutions.

The Conclusion

The rumor that Chelsea Clinton’s husband is related to George Soros is false. It is based on a fabricated genealogy page that has no basis in reality. Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky are not cousins or in-laws of George Soros or his family. They are simply two individuals who share a common interest in politics and philanthropy. They are not part of a secret plot to control the world, but rather a loving couple who are raising their children and pursuing their careers.

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