Is CeCe Winans Related to Whitney Houston? The Truth About Their Friendship

Many people wonder if CeCe Winans, the famous gospel singer, is related to Whitney Houston, the legendary pop star. The answer is no, they are not blood relatives, but they were very close friends who considered each other as sisters. Here is the story of how they met, what they shared, and how they honored each other.

How CeCe Winans and Whitney Houston Became Friends

According to CeCe Winans, she first met Whitney Houston at an awards show in 1987, when Whitney approached her and her brother BeBe Winans, who were also gospel singers. Whitney told them that she loved their music and that she grew up listening to gospel. They exchanged phone numbers and soon became friends.

CeCe Winans said that what made them relate to each other was their common background of being raised in the church. They both had strong faith and a passion for singing. They also faced similar challenges and pressures in the music industry, especially as Black women.

How CeCe Winans and Whitney Houston Collaborated Musically

CeCe Winans and Whitney Houston recorded one of the most memorable songs about friendship, the track “Count on Me” from the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack in 1995. The song was a hit and earned them a Grammy nomination. It also showcased their vocal harmony and chemistry.

They also performed together on several occasions, such as at the Soul Train Music Awards in 1989, where they sang a medley of gospel songs, and at the BET Celebration of Gospel in 2011, where they sang “Bridge Over Troubled Water”. Whitney often joined CeCe and BeBe on stage at their concerts, surprising the audience with her presence.

How CeCe Winans and Whitney Houston Supported Each Other

CeCe Winans was more than just a friend to Whitney Houston; she was also a confidante, a mentor, and a godmother to her daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown. She stood by her side through her highs and lows, including her struggles with drug abuse and her divorce from Bobby Brown.

CeCe Winans said that she loved Whitney unconditionally and prayed for her constantly. She also tried to encourage her and remind her of her worth and talent. She said that Whitney was always kind, generous, and funny, despite her personal issues.

When Whitney Houston passed away in 2012, CeCe Winans was devastated. She sang at her funeral, delivering a heartfelt rendition of “Don’t Cry for Me”. She also paid tribute to her in several interviews and events. She said that she missed her voice, her humor, but mostly her friendship.


Is CeCe Winans related to Whitney Houston? No, but they were more than friends; they were sisters in spirit. They shared a bond that transcended the music industry and lasted until the end. They inspired each other and millions of fans with their voices and their love.

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