Is Caris Levert Related to Eddie Levert? The Truth About the NBA Star and the R&B Legend

Caris Levert is a talented basketball player who currently plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA. He was drafted by the Indiana Pacers in 2016, but was traded to the Brooklyn Nets on draft night. He spent five seasons with the Nets, where he showed his potential as a scorer and playmaker. He was traded back to the Pacers in 2021 as part of the four-team blockbuster deal that sent James Harden to the Nets. However, he never played a game for the Pacers, as he was diagnosed with a renal cell carcinoma on his left kidney. He underwent surgery to remove the mass and made a remarkable recovery. He was traded to the Cavaliers in 2022 midseason and has been a key contributor for the team.

Eddie Levert is a legendary singer and songwriter who is best known as the lead vocalist of The O’Jays, a popular R&B group that rose to fame in the 1970s. He was born in Bessemer, Alabama, but moved to Canton, Ohio at the age of six. He started singing in church and formed a group called The Triumphs with his classmates. They later changed their name to The Mascots and then to The O’Jays. They signed with Philadelphia International Records in 1969 and released several hit songs, such as “Back Stabbers”, “Love Train”, “For the Love of Money”, and “Use ta Be My Girl”. Eddie Levert is also the father of Gerald Levert (1966-2006) and Sean Levert (1968-2008), who were both successful singers in their own right.

Given their similar last names and their connections to Ohio, some people might wonder if Caris Levert and Eddie Levert are related. The answer is no, they are not related by blood or by marriage. According to Cleveland.com1, Caris Levert’s father is Darryl Brown, who played basketball at Purdue University and overseas. His mother is Kim Levert, who works as a nurse. Caris Levert has two older brothers, Darryl Jr. and Malik, and a younger sister, Kira.

Caris Levert has said that he is not related to Eddie Levert or his sons, but he respects them as fellow artists and Ohioans. He told The Undefeated2 that he grew up listening to Gerald Levert’s music and that he met Eddie Levert once at a concert. He said that Eddie Levert was very nice to him and gave him some words of encouragement.

Eddie Levert has also confirmed that he is not related to Caris Levert, but he is proud of him as a fellow Ohioan and a basketball player. He told TMZ Sports3 that he watches Caris Levert’s games and that he thinks he is a great player. He said that he would love to meet Caris Levert again and give him some advice on how to handle fame and success.

Therefore, Caris Levert and Eddie Levert are not related, but they share a common bond of being from Ohio and being successful in their respective fields. They also have mutual admiration and respect for each other’s talents and achievements.

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