Is Brecken Merrill Related to Kevin Costner? The Truth Behind the Rumors

Brecken Merrill is a young and talented actor who plays the role of Tate Dutton, the grandson of John Dutton (Kevin Costner) in the popular TV series Yellowstone. The show follows the drama and conflicts of the Dutton family, who own and operate the largest ranch in America. Brecken Merrill has impressed the viewers and critics with his natural and convincing performance as Tate, who is often caught in the middle of the family’s troubles.

But is Brecken Merrill related to Kevin Costner in real life? Many fans have wondered if the two actors share a blood connection, given their striking resemblance and chemistry on screen. Some have even speculated that Brecken Merrill is Kevin Costner’s son or nephew. However, the truth is that Brecken Merrill and Kevin Costner are not related by blood at all. They are simply co-stars who have developed a close bond over the years of working together.

How Brecken Merrill Got the Role of Tate Dutton

Brecken Merrill was born on June 20, 2008, in California. He is the second child of his parents, Jesse and Kristy Phillips. He has an older sister, Karis, who is also an aspiring actress, and a younger sister. Brecken Merrill started his acting career as a model, appearing in various Halloween costumes for a company called Disguise Costumes.

He landed his breakthrough role as Tate Dutton in 2018, when he was only 9 years old. He auditioned for the part after his mother saw a casting call online and submitted his photos and videos. He was then called for a screen test with Kevin Costner, who was already cast as John Dutton. Brecken Merrill impressed Costner and the show’s creator, Taylor Sheridan, with his natural talent and charisma. He was offered the role on the spot.

Brecken Merrill’s parents were overjoyed when they learned that their son had booked Yellowstone. They decided to surprise him with a yellow stone painted by his mother, which they handed to him while filming his reaction for their family video. Brecken Merrill was initially confused by the gift, but then realized what it meant and was ecstatic.

How Brecken Merrill and Kevin Costner Became Close Friends

Brecken Merrill and Kevin Costner have formed a strong friendship since they started working together on Yellowstone. Costner has been a mentor and a father figure to Brecken Merrill, giving him advice and guidance on acting and life. Costner has also taught Brecken Merrill some of his hobbies, such as fishing, golfing, and playing guitar.

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