Is Brandon Howard Related to Michael Jackson? The Truth Behind the DNA Test

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, was one of the most influential and iconic figures in the music industry. He had three children: Prince, Paris, and Blanket, who have been in the public eye since their birth. However, there have been rumors that Jackson had two more secret sons: Omer Bhatti and Brandon Howard. In this article, we will focus on Brandon Howard, also known as B Howard, who claimed to be Jackson’s son based on a DNA test. Is he really related to the legendary singer? Let’s find out.

Who is Brandon Howard?

Brandon Howard is a 31-year-old singer and songwriter who performs under the name B Howard. He was born in 1982, a year before the release of Jackson’s hit song Billie Jean, which famously denied fatherhood of a child. According to The Global Dispatch, Brandon is the son of pop star Miki Howard, who was once managed by Jackson’s father, Joe Jackson. Miki’s nickname was “Billie”, which sparked speculation that she was the inspiration for Billie Jean.

Brandon has been friends with the Jackson family since he was a child, and he bears a striking resemblance to Michael Jackson. He has also worked with some of Jackson’s collaborators, such as Teddy Riley and Quincy Jones. He released his debut album Genesis in 2010, and his second album Dancefloor in 2015.

What was the DNA test?

In 2014, Brandon Howard made headlines when he claimed to have genetic proof that he was Michael Jackson’s son. He participated in a live-streamed press conference organized by FilmOn.TV founder Alki David, who said he had obtained a sample of Jackson’s DNA from a dental impression that was sold at an auction. David said he compared the sample with Brandon’s DNA and found a 99.9% match.

However, the DNA test was soon debunked by various sources, who pointed out several flaws and inconsistencies in the process. For example, the logo on the document that showed the results was from a stock photo website, and the lab that supposedly conducted the test was not accredited or registered. Moreover, the dental impression that David claimed to have used was not verified to belong to Jackson, and there was no chain of custody to ensure its authenticity.

What did Brandon Howard say?

Brandon Howard initially seemed to support the DNA test, saying that he had always felt a connection with Michael Jackson and that he was not after his money or fame. He also said that he had met Jackson several times and that he had told him he was his son.

However, after the test was exposed as a hoax, Brandon changed his tune and denied any involvement in the scheme. He said that he never authorized or approved the test, and that he was not interested in pursuing any legal action against the Jackson estate. He also said that he loved and respected the Jackson family, and that he considered them as friends.

What did the Jackson family say?

The Jackson family also dismissed the DNA test as a publicity stunt, and said that they had no relation to Brandon Howard. They said that they knew him as a friend of the family, but not as a son of Michael Jackson. They also said that they were not surprised by the false claim, as they had faced many similar allegations in the past.

One of Jackson’s brothers, Jermaine Jackson, said that he felt sorry for Brandon, who was being used by people who wanted to exploit his name and likeness. He also said that he hoped Brandon would find peace and happiness in his life.


To sum up, Brandon Howard is not related to Michael Jackson, despite his claim based on a dubious DNA test. He is the son of Miki Howard, a pop star who was managed by Joe Jackson in the 1980s. He has been friends with the Jackson family since he was young, but he has no biological or legal ties to them. He is a singer and songwriter who has released two albums so far. He has distanced himself from the DNA test controversy, and said that he respects and loves the Jackson family.

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