Invincible At The Start Chapter 76 READ MANGA and Release Date

Invincible At The Start is an action-packed manhua that follows the story of Ding, an important hero who wants to prove that he’s stylish of the best. The series is different from other manhuas in that it deviates heavily from the present state of the promoter, that of reincarnation and living their life formerly again. still, it still remains popular among fans of the genre, thanks to its unique plot and compelling characters. In this composition, we’ll take a near look at Invincible At The Start Chapter 76.

Chapter 76 Recap

In the previous chapter, we saw the four heavenly lords coming together to stop the disaster caused by the demon army. still, they weren’t strong enough to take on the uncomely fiends that had powers beyond imagining. The people were starting to run down as the gates of the demon realm opened to the mortal realm. The goddess was assigned with closing the realm in case something like this happened. still, her energy had been sapped by the king and some of his loyal subjects, making her unfit to fulfill her duty. Her sealing powers also weakened, making her snap at the people around her and nearly lose control. But the king came in time to divert her attention and bring the news that they had someone strong on their side.

Chapter 76 Spoilers

In Chapter 76, we’ll see what a fight with a demon looks like as one of them is about to unleash his power. Chen Changan isn’t flustered in the least by the demon and his threats as he displays how he can take down hoards of them in just many slashes with great speed. We saw the system warning Chen of the upcoming danger as he was about to get hit by the demon’s beam. However, he ignored the system and took the beam head-on. He’s not in a good mood as he has some things to deal with, and then there’s the issue of the goddess. He asked her out casually while he was fighting them.

Invincible At The Start Chapter 76 Release Date

Invincible At The Start Chapter 76 is set to release on March 2023, for different time zones. still, release dates can be subject to change, so fans should keep an eye out for official announcements and updates.

Where to Read

Fans can read Invincible At The Start Chapter 75 AC.qq, which is the official website of the manhua. For fans who want to read similar stories, we recommend checking out Overgeared, a manhwa that follows the story of an MC who made the strongest guild just by relying on his strongest skills. Fans can also read The Ember Knight for its over-the-top action.


Invincible At The Start Chapter 76 promises to be an action-packed installment that will leave fans on the edge of their seats. The chapter is expected to have a lot of fighting and character development, which fans eagerly anticipate. As the story progresses, fans can expect to see Ding face even more significant challenges as he proves himself to be the best idol in the world.


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