How is Teonna Rainwater Related to Thomas Rainwater? The Truth Behind the 1923 Mystery

Teonna Rainwater is one of the most intriguing characters in 1923, the prequel series to Yellowstone that follows the Dutton family and their ranch in the 1920s. Teonna is a Native American girl who is forced to attend a Catholic boarding school where she faces brutal abuse and violence. She manages to escape and embarks on a journey of survival and resistance. But who is Teonna Rainwater and how is she related to Thomas Rainwater, the leader of the Broken Rock Indian Reservation in Yellowstone? Here is what we know so far.

Teonna Rainwater’s Origin and Tribe

According to The Cinemaholic, Teonna Rainwater is from the Crow Nation tribe of the Broken Rock Indian Reservation. She was taken away from her family by the Catholic Church, who claimed that she was an orphan after her mother’s death. However, her father and grandmother are still alive and try to get her back. Teonna’s grandmother is Issaxche Rainwater, a respected elder of the tribe who has a close relationship with her granddaughter.

Teonna is proud of her heritage and refuses to assimilate to the Catholic culture. She speaks her native language, wears her traditional clothes, and fights back against the nuns who abuse her. She also has a strong connection to nature and animals, especially horses. She dreams of escaping from the school and returning to her people.

Teonna Rainwater’s Connection to Thomas Rainwater

Thomas Rainwater is a prominent character in Yellowstone, played by Gil Birmingham. He is the chairman of the Broken Rock Indian Reservation and a rival of John Dutton, the patriarch of the Dutton family. Thomas is a modern and progressive leader who wants to reclaim the land that was stolen from his ancestors by the white settlers. He is also a successful businessman who owns a casino and a hotel.

Many fans have speculated that Teonna Rainwater is an ancestor of Thomas Rainwater, since they share the same surname and belong to the same tribe. However, this has not been confirmed by the showrunners or the actors yet. According to Collider, Teonna Rainwater is not related to Thomas Rainwater by blood. She was given the surname Rainwater by the Catholic Church, who assigned it to many Native American children who were taken away from their families. Therefore, Teonna and Thomas are not biologically related, but they may share a cultural and historical bond.

Teonna Rainwater’s Fate and Future

Teonna Rainwater’s story in 1923 is full of hardships and challenges, but also hope and courage. In the season finale, she manages to escape from the boarding school after killing some of the nuns who tortured her. She runs away into the wilderness, where she encounters wolves, hunters, and other dangers. She also meets a young man named Cole Brings Plenty, who helps her and falls in love with her.

Cole Brings Plenty is played by Mo Brings Plenty’s nephew, Cole Brings Plenty3. Mo Brings Plenty is an actor and cultural consultant on Yellowstone and 1923, who plays Mo, Thomas Rainwater’s right-hand man. He also helped Aminah Nieves, who plays Teonna, prepare for her role and create a safe environment on set.

The season finale ends with a cliffhanger, as Teonna and Cole are surrounded by Father Renaud and his men, who want to capture them and bring them back to the school. However, Teonna refuses to give up and declares that she will never go back. She also reveals that she is pregnant with Cole’s child.

What will happen to Teonna and Cole in season two? Will they be able to escape from Father Renaud and reunite with their families? Will they have any impact on Thomas Rainwater’s future? We will have to wait and see what Taylor Sheridan, the creator of Yellowstone and 1923, has in store for them.

Teonna Rainwater is a fascinating character who represents the struggle and resilience of Native Americans in history. She also adds a new dimension to the Yellowstone universe, as she may have some connection to Thomas Rainwater’s legacy. We hope that 1923 will continue to explore her story and reveal more about her relationship to Thomas Rainwater in the upcoming season.

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