How is Nate related to Devon on Young and the Restless? The family feud that rocked Genoa City

The Young and the Restless is a popular soap opera that has been airing on CBS since 1973. The show revolves around the lives, loves, and conflicts of the residents of Genoa City, a fictional town in Wisconsin. One of the most enduring and dramatic storylines on the show is the family feud between Devon Hamilton and Nate Hastings, two cousins who have been at odds for years. But how are they related, and what caused their rift? Here is everything you need to know about the Winters family tree and the history of Devon and Nate’s rivalry.

The Winters family tree

Devon and Nate are both members of the Winters family, one of the core families on The Young and the Restless. The Winters family was introduced in 1991, when Neil Winters (played by the late Kristoff St. John) arrived in Genoa City as a business executive. Neil was later joined by his younger brother Malcolm Winters (played by Shemar Moore), a photographer. Neil and Malcolm had a complicated relationship, as they often competed for the same women and jobs.

Neil married Drucilla Barber (played by Victoria Rowell), a former model who had a troubled past. Drucilla had a daughter named Lily (played by Christel Khalil), who she initially believed was Neil’s child. However, it was later revealed that Lily was actually Malcolm’s daughter, as he had slept with Drucilla when she was drugged and thought he was Neil. This caused a major scandal and a rift between the brothers.

Neil and Drucilla also adopted Devon Hamilton (played by Bryton James), a troubled teenager who was homeless and deaf. Devon became a part of the Winters family and eventually regained his hearing. He also inherited a fortune from his biological grandmother, Katherine Chancellor (played by Jeanne Cooper), making him one of the richest men in Genoa City.

Nate Hastings (played by Sean Dominic) is the son of Olivia Barber (played by Tonya Lee Williams), Drucilla’s sister and a doctor. Olivia was married to Nathan Hastings (played by Nathan Purdee), a detective who died in the line of duty. Nate was raised by his mother, but he also had a close bond with his uncle Neil and his cousins Lily and Devon.

The origin of Devon and Nate’s feud

Devon and Nate were once close friends and allies, but their relationship turned sour when they both fell in love with the same woman: Elena Dawson (played by Brytni Sarpy), a nurse who worked at the hospital. Elena was initially Devon’s girlfriend, but she cheated on him with Nate when she felt insecure about Devon’s connection to Amanda Sinclair (played by Mishael Morgan), a lawyer who looked exactly like Devon’s late wife Hilary Curtis (also played by Mishael Morgan).

Elena confessed her affair to Devon, who was heartbroken and angry. He ended his relationship with Elena and cut off ties with Nate, who he felt had betrayed him. Devon also blamed Nate for ruining his chance to be happy with Amanda, who turned out to be Hilary’s long-lost twin sister.

Devon and Nate’s feud escalated when they both got involved in Ashland Locke’s (played by Richard Burgi) media empire bidding war. Ashland was a ruthless tycoon who was dying of lung cancer and wanted to sell his company, Cyaxares, to the highest bidder. Devon teamed up with Billy Abbott (played by Jason Thompson), Lily’s boyfriend and co-owner of Chancellor Communications, to make an offer for Cyaxares. Nate supported Victoria Newman (played by Amelia Heinle), Billy’s ex-wife and co-CEO of Newman Enterprises, who also wanted to buy Cyaxares.

Devon and Nate clashed over their business interests, as well as their personal issues. They also competed for Elena’s affections, as she was torn between them. Eventually, Devon won Cyaxares, but he decided to give it to Victoria as a gesture of goodwill. He also reconciled with Amanda, who confessed her love for him. Nate, on the other hand, lost both Elena and Victoria, as they chose to pursue other relationships.

The current status of Devon and Nate’s relationship

Devon and Nate have not completely resolved their differences, but they have made some attempts to mend their broken bond. They attended Neil’s memorial service together, where they honored their uncle’s legacy and shared some memories. They also agreed to be civil to each other for the sake of their family.

However, Devon and Nate still have some unresolved issues that could flare up at any moment. They have different opinions on how to handle Ashland Locke, who has become a friend and mentor to Devon, but a rival and enemy to Nate. They also have some lingering feelings for Elena, who has left Genoa City to work for Doctors Without Borders. Devon and Nate may never be as close as they once were, but they may also find a way to forgive and respect each other as cousins and friends.

According to The List, Devon and Nate’s family feud is one of the most compelling and complex storylines on The Young and the Restless. It showcases the talents of the actors, the depth of the characters, and the drama of the soap opera genre. Devon and Nate’s relationship is a testament to the power of family, love, and forgiveness.

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