How is Harry Styles Related to Meghan Trainor? The Truth Behind Their Musical Friendship

Harry Styles and Meghan Trainor are two of the most popular and talented singers in the world. They have both achieved remarkable success in their respective careers, with multiple awards, chart-topping hits, and loyal fan bases. But are they related by blood or by marriage? The answer is no. Harry Styles and Meghan Trainor are not related in any way, except for being music industry colleagues and friends. They have collaborated on at least one occasion, writing a love song together that was later recorded by Michael Bublé. Here is the truth behind their musical friendship and how they met.

How They Met

According to People, Harry Styles and Meghan Trainor met for the first time in 2015, when they wrote a song together called “Someday Maybe”. The song was a “cute acoustic love thing” that Trainor wrote on her ukulele, and Styles contributed with his “poetic, mature lyrics”. Trainor was impressed by Styles’ songwriting skills and said that he knew what love was. They also recorded a rough demo of the song with their vocals, but it was never released to the public.

Trainor revealed their collaboration to the BBC’s Radio 1 and said that it was “unbelievable”. She also said that she wanted to keep the song for herself, but she didn’t know who would sing it with her. She later found out that Michael Bublé had chosen the song for his album Nobody But Me, which came out in 2016. Trainor also sang on the track with Bublé, making it a duet.

Their Friendship

Harry Styles and Meghan Trainor have remained friends since their songwriting session. They have supported each other’s careers and praised each other’s talents. In 2016, Trainor told MTV News that she was excited for Styles’ solo debut and that he was “the best singer ever”. She also said that she would love to work with him again in the future.

Styles has also shown his admiration for Trainor’s music and personality. In 2017, he tweeted a video of himself singing along to Trainor’s hit “No” in his car. He captioned it with “Big fan of @Meghan_Trainor”. He also attended one of her concerts in Los Angeles and posed for a photo with her backstage.


Harry Styles and Meghan Trainor are not related by blood or by marriage, but they are related by music. They have written a beautiful song together that showcases their talents and chemistry. They have also maintained a friendship that is based on mutual respect and admiration. They are both successful and influential artists who have made significant contributions to the music industry.

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