How is Asa Related to Duck Dynasty? The Surprising Truth

Duck Dynasty is a popular reality TV show that follows the lives of the Robertson family, who run a successful duck call business called Duck Commander. The show features their humorous antics, their strong Christian faith, and their close-knit relationships. But did you know that there is another member of the family who is not often seen on the show? His name is Asa Howard, and he is related to the Duck Dynasty clan by blood. Here is how.

Asa Howard: The Nephew of Willie and Korie Robertson

Asa Howard is the son of Ryan Howard, who is the brother of Korie Robertson. Korie Robertson is the wife of Willie Robertson, the CEO of Duck Commander and the star of Duck Dynasty. This makes Asa Howard the nephew of Willie and Korie Robertson, and the cousin of their six children: John Luke, Sadie, Rebecca, Bella, Rowdy, and Will.

Asa Howard was born on May 21, 2000, in Louisiana. He grew up in a Christian household and attended a Christian school. He is currently studying at Baylor University in Texas. He is also a social media influencer and a YouTube star, who appears on the Cute Girls Hairstyles channel with his girlfriend Bailey McKnight.

Asa Howard: The Cousin of Sadie Robertson Huff

One of the most famous members of the Duck Dynasty family is Sadie Robertson Huff, who is the daughter of Willie and Korie Robertson. Sadie Robertson Huff is an actress, author, speaker, podcaster, and businesswoman. She rose to fame on Duck Dynasty and also competed on Dancing with the Stars, where she finished as the runner-up. She has also starred in movies like God’s Not Dead 2 and I’m Not Ashamed.

Sadie Robertson Huff is the cousin of Asa Howard, and they share a close bond. They often hang out together and support each other’s endeavors. Sadie Robertson Huff even attended Asa Howard’s graduation ceremony in 2018. She also invited him to her wedding with Christian Huff in 2019.

Asa Howard: The Future Husband of Bailey McKnight

Asa Howard is not only related to the Duck Dynasty family by blood, but also by love. He is engaged to Bailey McKnight, who is a famous YouTube personality and the twin sister of Brooklyn McKnight. Bailey McKnight runs the Cute Girls Hairstyles channel with her mother Mindy McKnight, where they showcase various hair tutorials and lifestyle videos. She also has her own channel with her sister called Brooklyn and Bailey, where they post vlogs, challenges, music, and more.

Asa Howard and Bailey McKnight have been dating since 2017, when they met at a church camp. They have been inseparable ever since and often feature each other on their social media accounts. They got engaged in June 2021, when Asa Howard proposed to Bailey McKnight with a beautiful ring at a scenic location. They are planning to get married soon and start their own family.


Asa Howard is a young man who is related to the Duck Dynasty family in more ways than one. He is the nephew of Willie and Korie Robertson, the cousin of Sadie Robertson Huff, and the future husband of Bailey McKnight. He is also a talented and successful internet personality who has a bright future ahead of him. He is a proud member of the Duck Dynasty clan and shares their values of faith, family, and fun.

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