High School DXD Season 5 Renewed Or Canceled? Release Date Updates

Only half of the novel has been completed and thus there is still plenty of content left for High School DxD season 5. The fans have been waiting eagerly to get the announcement for Season 5. But where is it? High School DxD is based on a beautiful manga novel. The story revolves around a school full of damn gorgeous and beautiful angels and also evil demons. The plot of High School DxD is filled with supernatural power and magic. Stay tuned with us to know all about Season 5 of the show, just here!

All About High School DxD Is Down Here!

High School DxD features Issei Hyodo as the main lead. He seems like a normal student but an incredibly licentious student at Kuoh Academy. He doesn’t know that the all-girls school is entirely controlled by angels, fallen angels, and evil demons. Unlike everyone, Issei is the only one around them being a normal human being. One day suddenly, Yuma Amano ask out Issei, and from here the story takes twist and turns. Yuma reveals to him that she is originally a fallen angel and eventually ends up killing him before taking permission from the card devil Rias.

Issei wakes up the next day and found himself in his own room where Rias tells him he is now a devil. Thus Issei now has to survive in the school between all the gorgeous angels and evil devils. The story is based on a series of light novels penned down by Ichiei Ishibumi and Miyama-Zero. There are in total 20 volumes of the novel series. The anime series starts off in the year 2012 in January. The last season aired by the franchise, Season 4 was launched in the year 2018. Ever since the fourth season ended, we haven’t heard anything about any other season.

Will We Ever See Season 5 Of High School DxD?

The previous season, namely, Season 4 of High School DxD covered the story of the Heroic Oppai Dragon arc which was from Volumes 7-12 of the light novel series. There are still 8 more volumes left in the whole tale of the novel series. To cover it all up, we will definitely need one more season of the show. All the four seasons of the show which were launched have been highly popular among the audience. But unfortunately despite all the factors, we haven’t really heard anything about High School DXD Season 5.

Not only renewal but there is also no cancellation announcement for the series. Thus there is still a little bit of hope left in everyone’s heart to get another season of the show. The demand for the series is still really high. There have been plenty of sales of the manga and light novels, so you definitely can estimate how popular the series has been among the fans. If there is any chance of getting High School DxD season 5, we are thinking it would come around somewhere at the end of next year, 2022. It will surely be late than the year, 2022. We will definitely notify you about season 5 as soon as we heard anything about it.

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