Five Series Worth Watching in 2023

Summer has come and it brought some lazy days with it. It’s the perfect time to grab an icy lemonade and switch your TV on. Fortunately, the first half of the year is rife with quality series. We have collected different shows that can brighten up your summer.

Copenhagen Cowboy

Nicolas Winding Refn’s second series (Drive) for streaming services. Prior to that, he released the iconic neo-noir Too Old to Die Young. The mysterious Miu (Angela Bundalovich) plans to take revenge on her sworn enemy and finds herself in the very center of the criminal world of Copenhagen. Everything was filmed in Refn style: a minimalist plot, familiar neon and aesthetic angles. “Cowboy from Copenhagen” was the director’s first homecoming in many years.

White House Plumbers

The series is a political comedy that came from the novel based on the memoirs of lawyer Egil Krogh, who worked in the administration of President Nixon. The White House Plumbers are a secret group whose reckless actions eventually led to the Watergate scandal and Nixon’s further resignation. Worse operatives were played by Woody Harrelson and Justin Theroux, Lena Headey, Domhnall Gleason, Judy Greer, Kiernan Shipka and others also starred in the series. Directed by David Mandel and written by Peter Huyck and Alex Gregory. All of them worked on the series “Vice President”. Do  you wanna feel like you were in a casino movie? Get the feeling of a thrilling gambling moment while playing online slots canada with National Casino, the best online casino.

Three Body Problem

Screen version of the science fiction novel of the same name by Liu Cixin, which became a bestseller not only at home, but also in the United States. During the “cultural revolution”, the PRC sends a signal into space to find a response from extraterrestrial civilizations. It comes at the beginning of the 21st century: unknown forces are trying to slow down the scientific progress of mankind. The show about the tense first human-alien contact is being developed by Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. Among the stars of the cast are Eiza Gonzalez, Benedict Wong, Liam Cunningham and others. At the same time, a Chinese TV series of the same name based on the same book is being filmed. 


Fallout is an adaptation of the cult video game series set in a retrofuturistic post-apocalyptic America. People fight radioactive monsters and each other, and the lucky ones survived the catastrophe in underground shelters and are now getting out. It is known that the plot of the series will not be an adaptation of any of the parts of the game, but the details end there. The showrunners are Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, writers of the recently canceled Westworld and producers of Peripherals. Key roles will be played by Ella Purnell, Walton Goggins and Kyle MacLachlan.

Lessons in Chemistry 

This one is another adaptation of a novel. The story is based on the novel of the same name by Bonnie Garmus. The action takes place in the 1960s. Elizabeth Zott (Brie Larson) dreams of becoming a scientist, but the patriarchal society at this time has a completely different opinion about the place of a woman. Elizabeth turns out to be pregnant and quickly loses her job at the lab. Then she decides to outwit the system and becomes the host of a cooking show through which she is going to promote the love of science. The series’ showrunner is Suzanne Grant (writer of Erin Brockovich and co-creator of Unbelievable), and all episodes are directed by Sarah Adina (Legion, Looking for Alaska).