Elon Musk Helping Johnny Depp to JAIL Amber Heard and MAKE HER SUFFER for DUMPING HIM

The big relationship controversy is surfacing through on the internet as Elon Musk is trying his best to take off his revenge on Amber Heard. Amber Heard has been involved in some of the biggest relationship controversy headlines and the audience has also covered the big updates in the period of time. Also to mention the part that Amber Heard dated Elon Musk for a short period of time.

Moreover to mention the part that things did not work out between them and the couple called their relationship quits after a small period of time. The personalities also used to spend a lot of time together to sort their differences out but both of the personalities used to be in two different cities at the time and this was the kind of setback in their relationship.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk faced a tough time period when he was in a relationship with Amber Heard

Although to mention that the audience knows that this is not the first time that Amber Heard has been having issues with her partner as she has a history along with Johnny Depp about their relationship and how things have not worked out for them.

Amber Heard on the other hand is being criticized heavily for standing out in trouble in almost all of her relationships and though some of the fans are even supporting the personality for taking a big step and thus taking a stand for herself. The reports are currently coming through that the personality is being criticized on a heavy note and especially after the part that Johnny Depp lost his role from the next installment of Fantastic Beasts and she would be still appearing in the upcoming installment of Aquaman and though the critics could not digest this part.

Elon Musk


The case on the other hand has been taken over in the court of law and other suitable investigations might take place at the time so the truth could be revealed as to what really took place between them. Things have not been sorted out yet and their relationship troubles has gone forward to make huge headlines at the time and not only the audience but some famous celebrities have also taken a stand in support of Johnny Depp due to the part that he was physically abused in their relationship and hence also lost his character from his next movie projects which were supposed to release soon.

There are currently some big rumors shedding out at the time such as that Elon Musk is set to take out revenge on the personality and though he might shake hands with Johnny Depp and both of them might come forward to sort the situation out and the trouble. It is yet to see how things will turn out for all of them and whether Amber Heard may finally come forward to accept the past mistakes and shall apologize to her fans.

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