Dolores Michaels Cause of Death: How the Actress Died of Natural Causes

Dolores Michaels was a talented and beautiful actress who starred in several movies and TV shows in the 1950s and 1960s. She was best known for her roles in The Wayward Bus, Warlock, and Fräulein. She also had a tumultuous personal life, with two marriages, a divorce, and several affairs. But how did she die? What was the cause of her death? Here is what we know about Dolores Michaels’ life and death.

Early Life and Career

Dolores Michaels was born on January 30, 1933, in Kansas City, Missouri, to Raymond Roscoe Michaels and Esther Marie Holcomb. Her father was a baseball catcher and a food broker. She had an older sister, Gloria Michaels, who was also an actress. Dolores began studying ballet at age five and moved to New York City to pursue dance and drama. She joined the traveling cast of Brigadoon when she was 16 and later appeared on Broadway.

She was discovered by a talent scout from 20th Century-Fox when she was performing in an acting class. She won a contract with the studio and made her film debut in The Wayward Bus in 1957. She played Mildred Pritchard, a seductive waitress who makes a pass at the bus driver. The scene was considered so torrid that it had to be filmed twice, with an “A” version and a “B” version for the censors. Dolores stole the show from other sirens like Jayne Mansfield and Joan Collins.

She went on to star in other films such as Fräulein, Warlock, The Fiend Who Walked the West, Battle at Bloody Beach, and The Crowded Sky. She also appeared on TV shows such as Perry Mason, The Lloyd Bridges Show, The Twilight Zone, and Bonanza. She was praised for her beauty, charisma, and versatility as an actress.

Personal Life and Relationships

Dolores Michaels had a complicated love life that often made headlines. She married interior decorator Maurice Martiné in 1953, when she was 20 years old. They moved to Laguna Beach, California, but their marriage soon turned sour. Dolores filed for divorce in 1959, claiming that Martiné had forced her to live in an unfinished house without heat or water and expected her to bathe in the ocean. The divorce was finalized later that year.

During her separation and after her divorce, Dolores dated several actors, such as John Duke and Alejandro Rey. She also had a feud with Joan Collins, who accused her of stealing her boyfriend Warren Beatty. Dolores denied the allegation and said that Collins was jealous of her success.

In 1964, Dolores married novelist and screenwriter Bernard Wolfe, who was 17 years older than her. They had twin daughters, Miranda and Jordan, who were born in 1970. Dolores retired from acting after her marriage and devoted herself to her family. However, the marriage did not last either. They divorced in 1969.

Death and Legacy

Dolores Michaels died of natural causes on September 25, 2001, at the age of 68. She passed away in West Hollywood, California, where she had lived for many years. She was survived by her two daughters and her sister.

Dolores Michaels left behind a legacy of memorable performances in film and television. She was a versatile actress who could play different roles with ease and charm. She was also a stunning beauty who captivated audiences with her seductive appeal. She is remembered as one of the stars of the golden age of Hollywood.

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