Bob Proctor Cause of Death: How the Self-Help Legend Left a Legacy of Inspiration

Bob Proctor, one of the most influential self-help authors and speakers of our time, passed away on February 3, 2022, at the age of 87. His death was announced by his business partner and friend, Sandy Gallagher, who did not reveal the cause of his death. However, some online sources claimed that he died from COVID-19 complications, resulting in kidney failure.

A Life of Transformation and Success

Bob Proctor was born on July 5, 1934, in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. He had a poor self-image and little ambition as a child, dropping out of high school after a bandsaw-inflicted thumb injury left him with no plans for the future. He struggled to find a decent job and was deep in debt by the age of 26.

However, his life changed dramatically when he read the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, which introduced him to the concept of the law of attraction and the power of positive thinking. He started to apply the principles he learned from the book to his own life and soon saw remarkable results. He launched his own cleaning company, which earned him over $100,000 in his first year, despite having no formal education or business experience.

He then joined the Nightingale-Conant Organization, a leading publisher of personal development materials, where he claimed to have been mentored by Earl Nightingale, one of the pioneers of the self-help industry. He rose through the ranks and became one of the top salesmen and speakers in the company.

A Legacy of Inspiration and Education

In 1984, Bob Proctor published his own book, You Were Born Rich, which became a New York Times bestseller and a classic in the self-help genre. The book taught readers how to tap into their inner potential and create a prosperous and fulfilling life for themselves. The book was rejected by many publishers before it was finally published by McCrary Publishing.

The book also caught the attention of Rhonda Byrne, an Australian filmmaker who was inspired by Proctor’s teachings. She invited him to participate in her 2006 documentary film The Secret, which popularized the law of attraction to a global audience. The film featured Proctor as one of the main teachers and experts on how to use the law of attraction to manifest one’s desires.

Proctor continued to share his wisdom and insights through his seminars, workshops, coaching programs, online courses, podcasts, and videos. He co-founded the Proctor Gallagher Institute with Sandy Gallagher in 2009, with the mission of helping people get in touch with themselves and change their mindset for the better. He also wrote several other books, such as The Art of Living (2015), The ABCs of Success (2015), and Thoughts Are Things (2015).

A Tribute to Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor’s death has saddened millions of people around the world who have been touched by his teachings and inspired by his story. Many have expressed their gratitude and condolences on social media and other platforms.

Sandy Gallagher wrote on Facebook: “I have an immense amount of gratitude for Bob. Please join me in sending love and light to Bob and his family.”

Joe Vitale, another self-help author and speaker who collaborated with Proctor, tweeted: “I’m sorry to report the legendary Bob Proctor has passed. He inspired millions including me. Sending love.”

Bob Proctor’s legacy will live on through his books, films, programs, and most importantly, through the lives of those who have learned from him and followed his example. He will be remembered as a self-help legend who taught us how to think and grow rich in every aspect of our lives.

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