Anna Stanley Cause of Death: A Mystery that Remains Unsolved

Anna Stanley was the former wife of Charles Stanley, a famous American pastor and author. She was a Bible teacher and musician who was actively involved in church activities. She passed away peacefully in her sleep on November 10, 2014, at the age of 83. However, her cause of death was never disclosed to the public, leaving many people wondering what happened to her.

Anna Stanley’s Life and Marriage

Anna Stanley was born as Anna Margaret Johnson on October 9, 1931, in Smithfield, North Carolina. She graduated from Richmond Professional Institute with a degree in art. She married Charles Stanley in 1955 and moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where he became the senior pastor of the First Baptist Church.

The couple had two children, Andy and Becky, who both followed their father’s footsteps and became pastors. Anna Stanley supported her husband’s ministry and taught the Bible at George Mueller Christian School. She also had a talent for music and participated in various church programs.

Anna Stanley’s Divorce and Separation

Despite their long and seemingly happy marriage, Anna and Charles Stanley faced marital problems that eventually led to their divorce. The trouble started when Charles Stanley became too busy with his work and neglected his family. Anna felt hurt and rejected by his lack of attention and affection.

She decided to leave him and their home in 1992 and stopped attending his church. She filed for legal separation in 1993, shocking many of their followers and friends. She also requested that he resign from his position as the pastor of the First Baptist Church, but he refused to do so.

The couple tried to reconcile several times, but their efforts failed. They finally divorced in 2000 after 44 years of marriage. The divorce caused a lot of controversy and criticism among the Christian community, especially among the members of the First Baptist Church.

Anna Stanley’s Death and Legacy

After their divorce, Anna and Charles Stanley hardly ever spoke to each other. Anna lived a quiet and private life away from the media spotlight. She suffered from an undisclosed illness for some time before her death. She died on November 10, 2014, in her sleep.

Her death was announced by her son Andy Stanley on his Facebook page. He wrote:

My mom died peacefully in her sleep this morning. She is finally at peace with God. No more pain. No more suffering. No more tears.

He also thanked everyone for their prayers and support during their difficult time. He added:

My mom was an amazing woman who loved Jesus with all her heart. She taught me how to love God and others unconditionally. She was a great mother, grandmother, and friend to many people. She will be greatly missed by all who knew her.

A celebration of life service was held for Anna Stanley on November 13, 2014, at North Point Community Church in Georgia. The service was attended by hundreds of people who paid tribute to her life and legacy.

Anna Stanley left behind two children, six grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. She also left behind a lasting impact on many people who were inspired by her faith, love, and grace.


Anna Stanley was a remarkable woman who devoted her life to God and her family. She faced many challenges and hardships in her life, but she never gave up on her hope and trust in God. She died without revealing the cause of her death, but she died knowing that she was loved by God and her family.

Anna Stanley cause of death remains a mystery that may never be solved, but her life remains a testimony that will never be forgotten.

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