Amber Heard was ABUSING HER ASSISTANT Claims Court Document, Johhny Depp Libel Case

The big relationship controversy between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp is taking off to another level and the drama does not seem to end. The relationship controversy between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp has not taken a pause throughout the time and the matter has been escalating for a long time. Mentioning the part where Amber Heard accused Johnny Depp of assaulting her and of physical abuse while Johnny Depp was the turned down from a number of major projects that he was involved in.

Also mention the part that nothing was confirmed over the time and everything was being investigated by the time Johnny Depp was dropped out from his major projects. Amber Heard on the other hand was criticized heavily on their part and to mention that not only fans but a number of famous celebrities took sides and supported Johnny Depp in this situation.

Amber Heard could be found in big trouble if the investigation confirms that she was defaming Johnny Depp

There were reports after then that Johnny Depp was the one who was abused in their relationship and though he was also assaulted over the time. Moreover to mention that the reports came in stating that Johnny Depp has filed a lawsuit of $50 million against Amber Heard for the sole purpose of defaming him and to mention that things could turn out really bad for Amber Heard if the ongoing investigation turns out to be a true one.

Another big news that has been turned up at this time and is capturing everyone’s attention is the words shared by the personal assistant of Amber Heard. The personal assistant of Amber Heard recently shared that by the time she has been working under her, she did not witness any unusual behaviour from Johnny Depp or that he has assaulted Amber Heard anytime.

The personal assistant of Amber Heard on the other hand also stated that there was once a time when she asked for a raise in her salary and though Heard spits on her face at the time and this was basically because she got irritated by this. The words from the personal assistant may stand out to be vital at this period of time on the court as it shows the true colors of the personality and it could finally be confirmed that she defamed the personality.

There have been huge talks and controversies going on the part of Amber Heard as there have also been big claims that the famous personality is usually drunk and in rage and that’s how she is not able to handle a number of responsibilities at the time too. Moreover to mention that it is yet to see how the situation will turn out for the both of them and whose side may the court will rule the favour as the legal process of investigation is currently taking place from both sides.

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