Zoe Kravitz is a PEDOPHILE and ‘THIRSTING’ Over UNDER AGED Jaden Smith, Disgusting Comments Resurfaces

Zoë Kravitz is on our radar. The actress is facing huge backlash out there. We all know what happened during the Oscar Awards, especially between Will Smith and Chris Rock. Zoë felt really bad for Chris Rock. She even posted about the whole scenario! Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on stage. Thus, Zoë states the event as an onstage physical assault. She was really shocked when Will slapped Chris. But we are not talking about that incident today! All eyes are currently stuck on Zoë Kravitz and Jaden Smith! Some sources are firing the old rumors out there. Stay tuned with us, to know the truth behind it, just right here!

Is Zoë Kravitz A “Pedophile”? The Star Is Going Through Immense Backlash! What Is The Actual Truth Here?

A few years back, Zoë Kravitz was captured along with Jaden Smith. Their friendship developed quite early. Back then, Jaden Smith was only 14! Zoë’s strong comment against Will Smith has fired the old rumors out there. Almost 8 years ago, Zoë was captured in an exclusive interview. There the actress openly talked about her fondness for Jaden Smith. According to her, Jaden is really handsome and smart. She kind of had a little crush on him. She had even told Jaden that when he grows up, she would love to hang out with him. Jaden has been always quite mature! Clearly, Zoë liked Jaden Smith.

The industry is filled with mismatched couples and will surely not mind another one on the list! Age is really just a number for the industry. But will it be right to call Zoë Kravitz, a pedophile? As per our study, the two are good friends but nothing more than that. Zoë Kravitz’s sudden attack on Will Smith has fired the brutal comments and opinions out there. We all know Will Smith is a renowned celebrity figure, the man is known for his generous nature, creative acting skills, and much more. His fans did not like Zoë Kravitz’s strong and mean opinion of Will Smith. The actress is still silent on the rumors. But she will soon address the mean comments out there!

Zoë Kravitz’s Stand For Chris Rock Is Getting Questioned! Is Her Stand Biased?

Zoë Kravitz is voicing up for Chris Rock. The comedian has decided to stay silent! He has denied filing a police report against Will Smith. But Zoë is surely standing up for her friend, Chris Rock. People are calling Zoë Kravitz’s stand for Chris Rock biased. As per our inner sources, Alexander Wang is a very close friend of Zoë. The designer was involved in a sexual assault case. Zoë has been absolutely silent on his case. Why didn’t she say something against her close friend, Alexander Wang? The actress still follows Wang. Thus, the crowd is bombing Zoë Kravitz with mean comments. We will keep you updated on this particular topic. That’s all for now, to get the latest updates on the Hollywood industry, stay connected with us, just right here.

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