Zhejiang Dahua Technology Is Helping To Enable Smart Living Solutions To Billions

Dahua Technology Co. Ltd, a global video surveillance solution provider, announced today the release of two new time attendance terminals: the DHI-ASA4214F and DHI-ASA6214F.

In-office scenarios, these highly intelligent systems can enable both face and fingerprint recognition for access control and time attendance, allowing for easy staff management and security control.

Today, the rapid growth of IoT, AI, and mobile technology is drastically altering our work and lifestyle. Smart living is no longer a pipe dream as these innovations are rapidly introduced to commercial and residential buildings.

Traditional residential solutions, on the other hand, are typically run by multiple independent systems, resulting in time-consuming management and an uncomfortable living experience.

Quick, Safe, and Accurate Dual-Biometric Identification

In today’s workplace, fingerprint or face identification devices are popular, but Dahua’s attendance terminals provide dual-biometric identification incorporated into a single computer.

These modern time attendance terminals, which are embedded with advanced infrared face recognition algorithms, improve on poor lighting environment efficiency, even more, making it smart enough to recognize a specified face in a very short time.

Access to live face detection increases protection greatly by eliminating the use of “photo camouflage” to fool the device. If necessary, you can add a card or password to the combination to make the device even safer.

Rich functionalities simple to operate even for beginners

Despite the presence of several advanced technologies, the latest Dahua attendance terminals are simple to set up. Since the device supports both TCP/IP and Wi-Fi connections, users can choose either a wired or wireless link based on their needs.

It also supports P2P added devices and 3rd party controller link via Wiegand, enabling the property owner to quickly and affordably construct robust security systems.

Furthermore, the DHI-ASA4214F and DHI-ASA6214F can store up to 1,000 and 3,000 faces, respectively, as well as 30,000 different cardholders, 3,000 fingerprint templates, and 150,000 transaction logs.

WizMind is focused on human intelligence

WizMind, driven by an AI chip and deep learning algorithms, offers extensive human-oriented solutions such as face recognition, privacy security, human video metadata, people counting, stereo analysis, and so on, enabling rapid and precise reactions on what matters to you.

Furthermore, it offers a more accurate and efficient AI search to identify targets, as well as generating various human data for market analysis.

WizMind based on vechile

WizMind offers a variety of vehicle-based AI solutions, including ANPR and vehicle metadata, illegal parking, and more vehicle attributes for easy control, fast search, and business analysis.

It is often used on city streets, suburban neighborhood exits, parking lots, and toll booths.

Dahua WizMind, a high-end AI series, aims to serve challenging scenarios across a wide range of vertical industries. Dahua Technology will continue to concentrate on “Innovation, Quality, and Service” to support its partners and consumers worldwide, with the goal of “Enabling a safer environment and smarter living.”

To summarise, the Dahua Intelligent Residential Solution enhances overall property management performance, provides residents with a high-quality living experience, increases property owner satisfaction, and provides real estate developers with more business value and a high-tech philosophy.

For system integrators, this powerful solution with an all-in-one configuration provides simple installation and implementation, enabling them to complete projects more quickly.

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