Zexor Cause of Death: A Graffiti Legend’s Tragic End


The vibrant world of graffiti art has lost one of its luminaries. Matthew “ZEXOR” Rodriguez, a second-generation writer hailing from the streets of Brooklyn, New York, breathed life into walls, trains, and alleyways with his distinctive style. His legacy, intertwined with tragedy and creativity, leaves an indelible mark on the urban art scene. In this article, we delve into the life, artistry, and untimely demise of the legendary ZEXOR.

The Rise of ZEXOR

Born into a lineage of graffiti artists, ZEXOR inherited his father’s passion for aerosol expression. After the murder of his father, Brooklyn graffiti legend ASP WTO, in 1996, ZEXOR stepped into the spotlight. He carried forward the WTO (We Takin Over) legacy, etching his name into the city’s concrete canvas. His tags adorned subway cars, abandoned buildings, and hidden corners, earning him the coveted title of “King” in the NYC graff scene.

The Artistic Journey

ZEXOR’s art spoke volumes. His letters danced with rhythm, colors pulsated like heartbeats, and each stroke revealed a piece of his soul. His work transcended mere vandalism; it was a symphony of rebellion, a visual language that whispered secrets to those who dared to look. From the Bronx to Queens, ZEXOR’s tags ignited conversations, sparking curiosity and controversy.

The Tragic End

On a cold December day in 2019, the graffiti community received devastating news: ZEXOR had passed away at the age of 29. The streets that once bore witness to his creativity now mourned his absence. According to The Source, ZEXOR’s departure left a void that could never be filled. His mother, Ronelda “Brunie” Rivera, and his son, Jason Rodriguez, grappled with grief, knowing that the spray cans would remain silent.

Opioids and the Silent Battle

While official reports do not explicitly state the cause of ZEXOR’s death, whispers echo through the alleys. The specter of drug overdose looms large. Opioids, a relentless adversary, have claimed countless lives. In 2019 alone, drug overdose deaths in the United States totaled 70,630, with opioids responsible for 70.6% of these fatalities. Was ZEXOR yet another casualty of this silent battle?

Legacy Lives On

ZEXOR’s legacy persists in the layers of paint he left behind. His name still dances across brick walls, a testament to his defiance and passion. As we gaze upon his tags, we remember the artist who dared to color the city’s heartbeat. ZEXOR’s cause of death remains shrouded in mystery, but his impact on the graffiti world is crystal clear. Farewell, King of the Concrete Jungle. Your art lives on.

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