Zendaya DATING Andrew Garfield CONFIRMED after DUMPING TOM Holland

Did Tom Holland and Zendaya Break Up? A question that arises after The Oscars night is, “did Zendaya really ditch Tom Holland?” Entertainers and co-stars Tom Holland and Zendaya were depicted as “The Perfect Couple”. The pair was popular on the Internet. Tom and Zendaya were regularly seen spending time with one another. Both were seen together at many gatherings and grant shows. In any case, they never talked transparently about their relationship. Tom and Zendaya have generally kept their quietness on the insight about their relationship. Experiencing the same thing, it is currently reputed that Tom Holland and Zendaya have separated.

Let’s see if the couple is broken up or if it’s just a rumor

Andrew Garfield was selected for Best Actor for his extraordinary exhibition in the Netflix melodic Tick, Tick… Boom!. While Zendaya’s science fiction film Dune had been selected for 10 Oscars, including Best Picture. Andrew Garfield and Zendaya are not unknown to each other, they have worked together in Spiderman: No Way HomeLast Sunday, On Oscar night, Andrew Garfield and Zendaya were among the numerous celebs that came to the honorary pathway. They even traded enormous grins and embraces. They talked for some time as they strolled together, attempting to quiet their nerves before the large evening. They were seen together on the red carpet which arises a question in fans’ minds- Whether they both are dating? Has Zendaya ditched ‘The Perfect Better Half’ i.e. Tom Holland?

Zendaya and Andrew posed together on the Oscars Red Carpet

Holland was remembered to have shown up later, be that as it may. Ascertain fans had noted, it would have been awkward for him to be missing when Spiderman: No Way Home was nominated for two Oscars, and he’s Zendaya’s Boyfriend. Zendaya was seen wearing Valentino’s white silk-satin crop top with a long glittering silver skirt that shined all night long, ruling on everyone’s heart on the glamour night whereas Garfield matched his all-black shirt and slacks with a velvet wine-colored blazer. In the meantime, the two broke the web again as they stood together for pictures on a red carpet. With fans euphoric to at last see their Spider-Man fundamental cast rejoined. Notwithstanding the way that large numbers of them were missing from the shot.

Has Zendaya given any hint confirming the speculation?

However, Tom and Zendaya have not confirmed their separation yet. They have both been dating since 2016, but the pair were warned not to date after meeting on the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming. Though they claimed to be just friends for years, many suspected there was something brewing under the surface. The twosome went public in 2021 when they were spotted kissing, confirming they were a couple and Holland even said that he is ready to be a dad. In the past few days, the couple was seen together at Tatte on Boylston Street on a coffee date, the fans shared photos and videos on social media of the couple. Also, last month Holland surprised Zendaya by flying to Rome to take her out. And on Oscar night Zendaya was not the only star Andrew Garfield spotted with. He also met with Jamie Dornan and took several pictures with him and his wife.


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