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The psychological drama You Season 4 will be available on Netflix. The streamer shared an excerpt from the new series along with the release date at the Tudum event in 2022. There will be two segments to Season 4 of the Netflix series “You.” On February 10, 2023, part one of the season will debut, and on March 10, 2023, You Season 4 Part 2 will get released.

Starring Penn Badgley as the romantically obsessed serial murderer is about to make a horrific return to Netflix after a dramatic and twist-filled third season. Joe adopts a new identity for each season. But his role will not be changed. In the first season of the television series You, Joe Goldberg plays a serial killer, stalker, and former bookshop manager. In this article, we shall discuss You Season 4 part 2.

You Season 4 Part 2

What is You Season 4 about?

In You Season 4 part 2, Joe steps things up a level by assuming the identity and location of Professor Jonathan Moore, a resident of London, England, and changing his location and appearance.

Nadia, Kate, Rhys, Phoebe, Adam, Simon, Sophie, Gemma, Connie, and Blessing are just a few of the new faces that are introduced in the teaser, which is narrated by Joe.

Although it’s unclear exactly how much of a part they’ll play, it’s obvious that the world of You is about to grow much wider and become a lot more global.

It’s unclear how the librarian will fit into the new universe, but Marienne (Tati Gabrielle), the love interest from season 3, is back.

The anticipated plot of You Season 4

To put it mildly, You Season 3 finale was really dramatic. Even by Joe’s standards, the murder of his wife Love (Victoria Pedretti), the placement of their infant with another family, the fabrication of his own death, the baking of his own toe into a pie to implicate Love, and the setting on fire of his suburban California home all excessive.

Joe, who was last seen going by “Nick,” had just arrived in Paris to look for Marienne, who is from the French city, when we last saw him. You season 4 Part 2 will, as far as we know, be primarily based in London, with a few episodes briefly taking place in Paris.

Joe’s new persona has officially been revealed during the Netflix Tudum event. Currently, he is posing as Jonathan Moore, a college lecturer. This makes sense because Royal Holloway University served as the venue for portions of the show’s filming, as is well known. Yet it is unknown exactly what he is doing in his new life.

However, this time around, changes extend beyond the change of venue. Badgley stated in an interview with Entertainment Tonight: “Although the tone is the same, the structure is new, so everything is moving. A new format is being used, He stressed. It almost seems as though we are somewhat changing the genre. It seems to work, too.

The fantastic cast of “You”

In the previous few months, a number of actors have joined Joe Goldberg’s group, increasing the size of the ensemble. Lukas Gage, who portrayed Adam in the film The White Lotus, will play the American ex-pat and businessman who struggles to live up to the expectations of his wealthy father. Charlotte Ritchie, who starred in Call the Midwife and Feel Good, as Kate, a director of a ferociously intelligent art gallery who is devoted to her friends but a cold-blooded “icy bitch” to everyone else, according to Variety.

Tilly Keeper, who plays Lady Phoebe, a socialite with influence who is best friends with Kate and is seeing Adam, Amy-Leigh Hickman, who plays Nadia, a fiery lit major trying to move past her past mistakes, and Ed Speelers, who plays Rhys, an author whose best-selling memoir has propelled him into politics, are the other cast members.

Investors, professors, aristocrats, detectives, investors, and even a paparazzi photographer are among the other characters in the crowded season. There’s little doubt that both You Season 4 Part 1 and You Season 4 Part 2 will be quite entertaining.

Who are the makers of the series?

You, which is based on Caroline Kepnes’s book series of the same name, centers on Joe Goldberg, a poisonous and deluded stalker who has the propensity to grow intensely fixated on every female he falls in love with.

Sera Gamble served as the showrunner for the television series You, which was created by Sera Gamble and Greg Berlanti. Warner Horizon Scripted Television is a partner in the production of the show, which is made by Berlanti Productions, Man Sewing Dinosaur, and Alloy Entertainment. Executive producers include Gamble, Gina Girolamo, Sarah Schechter, Leslie Morgenstein, and Marcos Siega.

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