Xtassy’s Cause of Death: A Mysterious Departure


The music industry was dealt a heavy blow when news broke of the untimely demise of Dominican music producer and DJ, Xtassy Beats. Born Juan Alfonso Abreu, Xtassy was a creative force, known for his chart-topping hits and collaborations with renowned artists. His passing at the age of 37 left fans and fellow musicians in shock and mourning. But amidst the grief, one question echoed: What led to Xtassy’s tragic end? In this article, we delve into the enigma surrounding his cause of death.

The Silence Surrounding Xtassy’s Demise

Despite the outpouring of tributes and heartfelt messages on social media, the official cause of Xtassy’s death remains shrouded in mystery. Billboard reports that no public statement has been released regarding the circumstances that led to his passing. Xtassy’s musical partner, Alcover (real name: Milton Restituyo), was the bearer of the somber news. On February 4, 2022, Alcover took to Instagram to share the heartbreaking truth, leaving fans grappling with shock and disbelief.

A&X: The Rise and Tragedy

Xtassy was one half of the dynamic music production duo A&X (Alcover and Xtassy). Together, they crafted hits that resonated across Latin music charts. Their debut album, “The Rise: Latin Street Hits,” burst onto the scene, claiming the No. 10 spot on Billboard’s Latin Rhythm Albums chart in 2016. Xtassy’s fingerprints were all over the tracks that propelled artists like Don Omar and Natti Natasha to stardom. Yet, behind the scenes, a haunting question lingered: What led to the silence of Xtassy’s beats?

Dascha Polanco’s Heartache

Xtassy’s girlfriend, actress Dascha Polanco (known for her role in “Orange Is the New Black”), also grappled with the loss. Her poignant Instagram posts, featuring cherished moments with Xtassy, revealed the depth of her grief. Dascha’s plea for privacy and respect during this painful time resonated with fans who showered her with support. As the world mourned, plans were set for Xtassy’s memorial service in Miami, Florida, on February 9, 2022, with a New York City service to follow

Legends Never Die

Xtassy Beats may have left this mortal coil, but his legacy endures. Legends, they say, never truly fade away. His beats, once electrifying dance floors, now echo in the hearts of those who danced to their rhythm. As we grapple with the unanswered question of his cause of death, we remember Xtassy as a visionary, a dreamer, and a legend. The silence surrounding his departure only amplifies the impact he had on the music world. Farewell, Xtassy — your beats will forever resonate.

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