Worries End As EA Brings Fix For The Wierd Bug Where Innocent Players Were Getting Banned Unnecessarily

When the ban went into effect, the users were engaged in a variety of in-game practices, and some of them weren’t even in the game.

An unknown issue mistakenly banned hundreds of Apex Legends players this morning. EA acknowledged the issue and resolved it in a matter of hours, according to its official support account.

Apex Legends’ bug resulted in the apparently random banning of accounts. Players in a panic contacted EA help right away. Surprisingly, EA Help replied that their accounts did not appear to be banned on their end. Thankfully, Electronic Arts responded quickly to the issue, restoring banned players’ accounts. The origin of the bug, on the other hand, remains a mystery.

Disasters can strike for no apparent cause at times. The disaster for some Apex Legends players came in the form of unjust random account bans. Some people have recently discovered that they are unable to log into Apex Legends servers, with an error message stating that they have been banned by EA. Meanwhile, EA Help informs them that their accounts are still active on the site when they report the issue. The perplexing situation prompted EA to create a special Reddit customer service thread. To be fair to EA, this customer service thread did assist many players in regaining access to their accounts. EA’s quick reaction averted a social media debacle that could have erupted if they hadn’t taken extra precautions to solve the issue.

Meanwhile, despite the fact that many of the affected players have been unbanned, EA has yet to find out what caused the Apex Legends bug. Apex Legends players have had to deal with new bugs and glitches that have plagued the game since the introduction of the much-anticipated Legacy update.

The controversial Bocek Bow (which was recently nerfed) and the well-received Arena game mode were introduced in Legacy. Hopefully, whatever caused the bug will resolve itself on its own, particularly if EA is unable to locate the issue. At the very least, we know that players who have been affected by the bug will easily recover their accounts by contacting this support desk.

The Megathread “Help, I was just randomly banned”

  • We have this rule in place for account support requests, but we’re putting it on hold for the time being due to the problem at hand.
  • Although nothing has been verified, the general consensus is that if you time out the server, you will be disqualified. In the menu of the going AFK
  • Please address something relevant to the problem in the comments section below. Individual “Help I got barred” posts will be removed.
  • What platform do you use to play?
  • PSN / Origin ID / Gamertag
  • What were you up to prior to the incident?
  • Are you able to duplicate it? What are the measures involved?
  • Provide hardware specifications, OS version, and GPU driver version for PC players.
  • Have you ever had a game crash? “apex crash.txt” from your “Documents” folder should be included.
  • It’s ideal if you can photograph the bug and send it with your article.

Edit: some people are starting to get unbanned


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