Worlds First Museum Which Will Show Us The History Of GPU Opened In Association With Colorful And NVIDIA

The graphics processing unit (GPU) has a lengthy and illustrious track record. It’s lengthy enough to fill a whole museum. With Colorful’s announcement of the world’s first GPU History Museum in cooperation with Nvidia, such a fantastical vision has now become a reality.

The GPU History Museum has been launched in conjunction with NVIDIA by Colorful Technology Company Limited, a professional manufacturer of graphics cards, motherboards, all-in-one gaming, and multimedia solutions, and high-performance storage. COLORFUL moved to the Shenzhen New Generation Industrial Park lately. COLORFUL is delighted to announce the opening of China’s first GPU History Museum. The museum will cover the history of the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), as well as the creation and evolution of graphics cards to the current generation.

According to the AIB, it recently relocated to Shenzhen New Generation Industrial Park, where it has created a new first-of-its-kind museum dedicated to the history and evolution of graphics cards and the technologies that underpin them.

The museum houses some of the industry’s most important items, such as Nvidia’s first-ever GeForce card, the GeForce 256—check out this Lego version—dubbed the “world’s first GPU” by the firm. At the museum, you may also see some of Team Green’s older cards.

The Rare GPUs

The museum also covers Colorful’s entry into the GPU market with the Voodoo 2 in 1999, as well as artifacts like ATI’s Rage Fury MAXX, a card that paved the way for a slew of dual-GPU ATI/AMD Radeon graphics cards. There are also a few recent rarities on display, such as the Radeon VII, which has been repurposed as an all-powerful mining machine.

China’s E-Sports Wall of History and Victory

The museum also pays respect to COLORFUL’s own efforts to popularise eSports in China, which began in 2008 with the establishment of the iGame brand. The Nvidia Tesla architecture-based 200 series GPUs and AMD’s highly rated HD 4000 series were both popular at the time.

The Ultimate Immersive Gaming Experience

However, not everything here is outdated, since there is a section of the museum dedicated to high-end gaming with the most up-to-date hardware. Here, there are two types of gambling booths. The first is an 8K multi-display racing configuration, while the second is a virtual reality cockpit for gamers who want to check out virtual reality.

COLORFUL and iGame graphics cards from the past will be on display at the GPU History Museum. A deconstructed KUDAN flagship model, which comprises approximately 200 sections and has cutting-edge technology, is the museum’s focal point.

The GPU History Museum is now open for business

The GPU History Museum is devoted to the industry and features some of its most notable products. Visitors will soon be able to register for the GPU History Museum. At the museum, visitors will be able to do more than just learn about GPUs.

A complex racing simulator with several 8K displays and a full race setup, including a saddle, steering wheel, pedals, and force feedback, will allow fans of recent graphics cards to experience the finest of the current hardware. Visitors can also enjoy some of the latest virtual reality games in an “advanced virtual reality booth.” The GPU History Museum will be open for guest registration, according to Colorful.


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