World Trigger Season 3 Episode 3 Air Date And Time On Crunchyroll

World Trigger Season 3 is finally here! 2 episodes of this blockbuster anime have already been released and now, fans are looking forward to episode 3. So many things have happened so far. The story is intensifying day after day. So are you ready to witness Episode 3 of the show? The new season of the show is full of interesting content and exciting tale. Stay tuned with us, to know it all about World Trigger Season 3 Episode 3, just down here!

Get A Recap On World Trigger Season 3 Episode 2, Just Right Here!

Before moving ahead, get a glimpse of what happened previously in the series. World Trigger is one of the popular anime show out there. Anime fans are loving the content of the show. Lastly in the series, we saw the boys enjoying a delicious meal in the restaurant. Hyuse is all busy with his ongoing training, he is finally leveling up. We also got to know more insight about Kuga. It looks like another love angle is coming up in the show. Seems like Kuga likes Kage. On the other hand, Yuzu also has a crush on Chika.

The boys are all seen as very happy over the meal discussion. We also heard something more about the next upcoming match. Not only that, but in the next match, the opponent might be Tamakoma 2. Kuga strongly thinks Tamakoma 2, will be a difficult one to beat in the match. The previous episode of the show was full of drama and emotions. We also heard many things about Chika and her mission. Let’s not delay any further and jump straight into the discussion of the next episode of the show. Looks like more drama is ahead of the audience.

When Will Episode 3 Release?

World Trigger Season 3 Episode 3 is all set and scheduled to get aired this coming 24 October 2021, which is just a few days. Looks like Kuga and Osamu will be seen having a conversation at the Border. We are expecting the two are going to plan out something extravagant for Chika. She needs to prove herself and show the best within herself. But Osamu is a bit in denial which selecting Chika. On the other hand, Hyuse has completed his training session. But to know all of it, you definitely have to watch World Trigger season 3 episode 3.

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Where To Watch World Trigger Season 3 Online?

Wondering can watch World Trigger Season 3 Episode 3 online or not? Well, guess what you can definitely watch the show online on the anime streaming platforms of Crunchyroll & Anime Digital Network. You can watch it on these above-mentioned platforms on Sunday at sharp 1:30 AM JST. But this goes only for those who live in Japan. For others who don’t live in Japan, you can watch Season 3 Episode 3 online on other platforms like, the official Youtube Channel & VRV which can be accessed through Crunchyroll. We will definitely notify you more about the show as soon as we get something new about it. For further more updates on the latest movies and shows, stay connected with us.

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