World Trigger Chapter 218 Manga Release Date, Leaks And Spoilers


The previous month was kind of a surprise for all the fans of the popular Japanese manga World Trigger. For the previous three months, the creator Daisuke Ashihara has been continuously releasing two consecutive chapters back-to-back. So, normally the hardcore fans of this manga are looking forward to seeing two chapters this month also. The previous two releases, regarding the away mission test, have grabbed our full attention. The 14th and 15th parts were just too awesome. In the first part, Squad 7 did face a shameful defeat against squad 5. Now as for the aftermath they have to face the penalty for their loss. So, here’s everything you should know about the upcoming World Trigger Chapter 218.

The World Trigger Chapter 218 has numerous arcs piled up inside of it. the starting of the chapter will take place with the mind storming sequence which will include the session with Suwa and his team. His squad will have to figure out the mystery and the exact solution behind the puzzle that was brought to them in the assignment. After they solve it, the main event will start in the manga.

Recap of Previous Chapter

Two consecutive chapters were released the previous month in the slot of World trigger. So before jumping into the topic of World Trigger Chapter 218, let’s have a look into the previous chapter. So, in chapters 216 and 217, the away mission between the two squads took place. On the first go, Squad 7 clashed with Squad 5. But the most interesting thing in this match was that the whole squad was up against one single person. The only player Mizukami was a part of squad 5. Well… even though the whole team was fighting one single player, the team of Suwa faced utter defeat. After they were faced with defeat, the matchmakers announced another game.

Spoilers for World Trigger Chapter 218

So, in the upcoming World Trigger Chapter 218, while the away mission was going on, the squad of Suwa got a message from the border. In that message a single they posed one simple question. The given word limit to answer the question was four hundred words. On the other hand, the Squad of Suwa had till 6:30 P to get the job done. So, Suwa and his squad will most probably go all out to answer the question within the given time limit. Regardless, answering that exact question within the given time will not be that easy. That is because their response to the question will directly affect the upcoming set of the game for the other teams.

Knowing our boy Suwa, he always goes forward with some kind of calculation in his mind. That’s why he might calculate every possible outcome in the match. But regarding the assignments have given to all of them, his calculations probably won’t affect the alignments of the session.

When and Where To Read?

The online manga reading website Viz has already scheduled the World Trigger Chapter 218 to be released on 6th January of 2022. Besides that, the latest chapter of this manga will be available on Shonen Jump. And if you’re a mobile user, you can use the tachiyomi app to read the chapter unofficially.

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