World Trigger Chapter 216 Manga Release Date, Leaks And Spoilers


After the release back on 9th February in 2013, the manga World Trigger is one of the most popular ongoing manga series of Japan. The series has garnered a separate fanbase with just a few chapters since the primary release. To this date World set may not have maintained the superiority as it was for the first few chapters, still, we can say that this novel can be considered as a great fictional piece of artwork. The interesting storyline revolves around a weak protagonist that pinpoints the weakness of every character. The series has touched the border of the 200th chapter a while ago. What does World Trigger Chapter 216 has in store for us?


Our earth faces threats from the neighboring planets constantly. Undefeatable monsters from different dimensions intend to destroy the earth and its dweller. But over this side, we have the professional fighters of the Border and we have the technologies we got from the aliens that help us to maintain the peace. Our leader Mikumo Osamu may not be considered the best warrior on the planet but he has what it takes to protect the lives of this earth. When Mikumo meets the grumpy monster that looks like a human, called Yuma, all that he has known this far gets upside down inside of his head. As Yuma is considered an enemy of earth, can he be friends with the earthling Mikumo?

So, for today we have a new chapter of this manga! Yeah… the World Trigger chapter 215 has been aired recently. So, Let’s talk about the upcoming World Trigger Chapter 216.

Recap of Previous Chapter

Before jumping into the discussion of the upcoming chapter, let’s have a look at the previous chapter as well. Kuga Yuuma, Jin Yuuichi, Chika Amatori, Kazama Souya starts to play the game. They’re now divided into teams and Kuga is kinda angry because Yuuichi is acting like a boss over him. They begin to play. Miwa Shuuji is instructing them.

What’s Gonna Pop Up for the Next Chapter?

Now we have our fingers crossed for the World Trigger chapter 216 to see which team will win. Without Giving any kind of a spoiler, we can expect that Kuga will have a hard time in the beginning but the situation will change at the end of the chapter as Kuga and Chika will dominate the other teams.

Release Dates and Time

If everything goes according to the schedule and nothing is delayed, we can expect world Trigger Chapter 216 in the English language on the following date and time.

Pacific Time: 8 AM on December 2nd

Australia (Central) Time: 12: 30 AM on December 2nd

Central Time: 10 AM on December 2nd

Germany Time: 5 PM on December 2nd

Eastern Time: 11 AM on December 2nd

India Standard Time: 8: 30 PM on December 2nd

British Summer Time: 4 PM on December 2nd

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Where to Read?

The upcoming chapter will be available to read online on the official website of Shonen Jump. Besides that, other chapters of Jujutsu Kaisen along with the latest updates are ready to go on the online magazine of Shueisha and the official website of VIZ Media. The author releases a fresh chapter every Sunday so the World Trigger Chapter 216 will be here this weekend. So, keep your fingers crossed! A few days to go for the latest chapter!

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