Wonder Woman 3 Release Date: Is it canceled amidst the cancelation of other DC projects?

These days, the future of the DC Extended Universe is looking undetermined for most of the cast and stars of the Justice League. Several of the movies from the DC Universe have been canceled or pushed from their prompt theatrical release. While the outlooks of the members of these movies are uncertain, there is at least one movie and superhero whose future still looks bright. Many questions are continuing to arise related to what is coming for the lovers of Superman, The Flash, Batman, and the other superhero movies around the DCEU. There are many speculations about the release of certain movies in the DC Universe like Wonder Woman. Some people are wondering if Wonder Woman 3 is also getting canceled amidst the cancelation of the other DC movies. But the Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot has unfolded some details about the upcoming Wonder Woman sequel. She has shared updates regarding the highly anticipated next chapter which is coming in the story of the character.

Wonder Woman 3

Is Wonder Woman 3 canceled?

We don’t think that the sequel is canceled. Wonder Woman’s two movies have been massive hits with their releases. And the fans are extremely desirable for the next project to come as soon as possible. And their desire is true. Proven blockbusters of DC like Shazam!, Aquaman and Wonder Woman have got a bright green signal for their release from a very long time. Wonder Woman is already on its way to finishing its trilogy. There’s no such news or update for the cancelation of the third part. Despite the mixed responses of the audience to the 2020s Wonder Woman 1984, Wonder Woman Gal Gadot and the director Patty Jenkins are all set for completing the movie. Although the production work is not going to commence until the next summer, the structuring of the film is already taking place.

Details shared by Jenkins and Gadot

Both Patty and Gal have revealed such details which confirm the release of Wonder Woman 3 at some point of time in the future. Speaking to Forbes, about their progress in the works of Wonder Woman 3, Jenkins and Gadot came up with the fact that they are in the initial stages of developing the script of Wonder Woman 3. The third part of Wonder Woman is currently untitled. But we have got to know that Gadot is wishing for the next chapter that it will be emphasizing on “the present” as an appropriate time period for the next part of the story of Diana Prince. The modern-day or present-day setting would be calling for a brand new supporting cast for the movie. Gal Gadot said that she was currently hanging out with her “best friend from LA” who is surely Patty. Jenkins said that she cannot wait for the arrival of the next installment or the “threequel” of Wonder Woman and that the script of Wonder Woman 3 is being actively developed. She stated:

“We’re talking! We’re actually in the mix of working on the script and getting the third one made, so it’s all wheels are working and turning and I’m super, super excited for the fans to come and watch Wonder Woman 3 once it’s made.”

Where will be Diana Prince going next?

If Gadot’s wish of setting the movie in a present-day setup comes true, the script of Wonder Woman 3 might be having significantly more varieties and variables. The present timeline of the DCEU is adequately abstract, but still has some rules in place. Since the movies Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 1984 took place in two untouched time periods, Jenkins and Gadot have essentially free power to narrate the story which they want. Switching the world of Diana Prince to the modern world comes with some rules and regulations. How is she going to operate following the incidents and events of Batman v Superman and Justice League? Will she be making reference to her pseudo cameo in Peacemaker? Is she known about the fact of what went down in Aquaman and Shazam!? These new concepts and questions will be making for a distinct kind of Wonder Woman film. But the patience of the director and the lead star regarding the production, the franchise seems to be in good hands. Wonder Woman 3 is aiming for a summer 2023 production initiation.

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