Wise Man’s Grandchild Season 2 Release Date and Where to Watch

Wise Man’s Grandchild Season 2 is in high talk. All eyes are currently stuck on the second season of the show. We are all highly excited and curious to see what happens next in season 2. Is the show renewed or canceled? Is another season of the show waiting for us? Do we have a release date for Wise Man’s Grandchild Season 2? Is Season 2 of the anime happening? Well, there are a bunch of questions out there, but we might have the answer you all are looking for. Stay tuned with us, to know all about it, just right here.

The Wise Man's Grandchild Season 2

Is Wise Man’s Grandchild Renewed For Another Season? 

Wise Man’s Grandchild is a highly popular Japanese anime series! The first season of the show has developed a decent fanbase out there. The Wise Man’s Grandchild season 1 had a total of 12 episodes! The first and foremost episode of Wise Man’s Grandchild season was aired back on 10th April 2019. The last episode of the show premiered back on 26th June 2019, and since then the fans are waiting for Wise Man’s Grandchild season 2. The audience is highly curious to dig deep into the tale of The Wise Man’s Grandchild. Two years have passed by, but we still haven’t heard anything about Wise Man’s Grandchild Season 2.

Some sources are claiming the show has been canceled once and for all. While others say the second installment of the show is just around the corner. There is clearly a lot of confusion out there. Currently, all eyes are stuck on Wise Man’s Grandchild season 2. The popular anime series is yet to be renewed by the original animation studios. We can’t wait to see what happens next in the next installment of the show. Most of the anime series out there get renewed within 2-3 years! But as of now, we have literally no idea about the second installment of the show. Let’s hope the show will get renewed soon.

Is There Enough Source Material Left For another season?

All anime series depend highly on the original manga tale. We are highly curious to know the answer to this question. Just like all other anime series, Wise Man’s Grandchild also revolves around the plot of the original manga series. Wise Man’s Grandchild is based on a light novel series of the same name, which is written by Tsuyoshi Yoshioka and illustrated by Seiji Kikuchi. The novel series was launched back in January 2015. So far, only 16 volumes of the light novel have been released.

The first volume of the novel was launched back on 30th July 2015, while the last volume of the novel series was released back on 28th February 2022. The first season of the show depicted only the first three volumes of the novel series. This clearly implies that 13 more volumes are left to be converted into an anime series! There is a lot of source material left for the anime series. If we get another season of the show, then the story will surely start from volume 4. That’s not all, but as per our studies, there is even a manga series written on Wise Man’s Grandchild. If we go by the source material available, then the show will surely get renewed for another season.

When Will Wise Man’s Grandchild Season 2 Release?

This happens to be the most asked question out there. As of now, we don’t have any concrete or expected release date for the second installment of the show. Wise Man’s Grandchild is yet to be renewed. Thus, it is still quite hard to predict the release date of the second installment of the show. The last 4-5 volumes of the light novel series have been highly popular out there. More than 10,000 copies have been sold!

Initially, the manga series was not doing well in the giant manga market but the last few years have been exceptionally well for the light novel series. As per our guesses, the show will get renewed by the end of 2023. Thus, Wise Man’s Grandchild season 2 might release somewhere around 2024 or 2025. We will keep you updated on this particular topic. That’s all for now, to get the latest updates on exciting anime and manga series, stay connected with us, just right here.

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