Winds of Winter MAJOR Release Date UPDATE by George RR Martin

The Winds of Winter is the sixth edition of the fantasy series A Song Of Ice And Fire. The novel is written by George R.R. Martin, an American writer. The novel is also the tenth episode of the sixth season of the famous HBO series Game Of Thrones, thus marking the end of the season. The novel was preceded by A Dance With Dragons which took six years for its completion. The sixth edition will be followed by yet another novel that is titled A Dream Of Spring.

Winds Of Winter Plot

The winds of winter will follow the lines of dance with dragon and will give support to all the cliffhangers and suspense with which the previous novel ended. The novel earlier was not able to unfurl the storyline to the extent that George promised. However, this time as stated by the author, the storyline will be met by the novel way before the fans expect it to. Martin giving further details about the forthcoming novel said that the novel will include two massive battles that he used to construct up to, the warfare in the ice and struggle at Meeran. He also said that 5 seconds after A Dance with dragons ends, a Victorian Greyjoy section will start thus getting vicinity on the occasion of the coming of Ironborns in slavery bay. He also stated that the storyline would no longer have a feel-good scenario and would be following a dark storyline as the characters of the star will be seen in some darkest places.

Winds Of Winter Storyline

Comparing the upcoming novel to the blockbuster Game Of Thrones, George said that the ending of the two will be the same and yet different at the same time. The author initially worked with the directors and gave them the lease to make changes in the original storyline so there might be variations between the two when it comes to the novel’s storyline. Also, the directors made certain changes in the destiny of certain characters in support of the series. So there are chances that certain characters that died in the series will be playing an important role in the upcoming novel. This might mean that Catelyn stark who is seen as Lady Stoneheart in the storyline might play a substantial role in the plot. Apart from her, Mance Rayder and Stannis Baratheon could play an important role.

How Is It Related To Game Of Thrones?

Since fans don’t expect another season of game of thrones anytime soon, this novel is a major hope for them to get certain answers to the turn of events in the series. However, nothing is clear about similarities between the storyline of the two but there are certain speculations that hint towards three major disclosure coming up in the series that might include the origin tale of Hodor, Shireen Baratheon’s death, and the murder of Daenerys by Jon Snow at the end.

Winds Of Winter Characters

As far as the Characters are concerned, Aeron, Theon and Victarion Grejoy, Sansa and Arya Stark, Tyrion Lannister, and Arion Martell could be cast in the winds of winter. Sansa Stark’s role as ALAYNE in the book will be highly explored in the storyline as per the sources.

Release Date Confirmed

In 2019, the author gave a huge confirmation about the completion of the book by July 2020 but the author could not complete the book within the said time and it has led to a delay in the launch dates. The novel is expected to be completed by the end of this year. While some speculations are the release date will be somewhere around the middle of the next year, some expect the launch date of 13 November 2023 to be all set and decided.


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