Will Tom Hiddleston have a cameo as Loki in Thor: Love and Thunder? Rumor Explained

The big update is here as the MCU fans have been talking about the possible cameo of Loki in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder. MCU has been bringing upon some of the big projects over time and the line-up is pretty big which everyone is looking forward to. One of the anticipated titles of MCU is Thor: Love and Thunder and the upcoming installment of Thor will apparently stand out to be the final one of the Thor franchise.

The creators have already given a glimpse of how big the upcoming installment of the title may stand out to be and thus it basically means that Thor: Love and Thunder have big plans now that the franchise is finally moving towards the final mark.


Thor: Love and Thunder would be setting a big mark in the regards of storyline

The fans are discussing over the time what more it has to unfold at the time with the storyline and there is no doubt going to be a number of surprises at the time. Especially after considering the big surprise of the multiverse was put through and now the fans are already convinced to anything could lead with the big surprises in the cameo. Mentioning the part that Tom Hiddleston along with Chris Hemsworth has shared the MCU adventures together for more than a decade with playing the roles of brothers and though the audience has loved the bond or scenes which they have shared in the previous movies of Thor and more.

The question has been rising among the fans as to whether Loki would appear in the final installment of Thor and now that it was portrayed that the character died in the MCU timeline a long time ago. Hiddleston on the other hand has also not given any teaser or more about his scenes as Loki in the upcoming installment of Thor. The rumors have been surfacing for a long period of time that the audience would actually be coming across a number of big cameos which everyone would also love and this could be another track into heading towards the closure of the storyline.



Kevin Feige also spoke about the character of Loki sometime ago that he was unaware to whether the character would return and that could actually be the end of it afterall. The fans on the other hand are already convinced that the character might be appearing in the upcoming installment of Thor and that would be the one final and big cameo that would be portrayed in the movie.

The fans can’t wait to see Tom Hiddleston in Thor: Love and Thunder and though there are a number of chances the character might appear in the project as a big cameo and it is yet to see if we would witness the mischief of Loki once again and this is what everyone has been waiting for at the time.

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