Will Smith HATED Jada Pinkett and Wants to DIVORCE HER But Couldn’t, Here’s Why

Once upon a time Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith were Hollywood’s golden couple and their marriage was often cited as proof that celebrities can have healthy relationships that last a lifetime, however, it later turned out their marriage was proof that not all that glitters is gold.

These days Jada and Will’s relationship is often called toxic and dysfunctional with many fans wondering how can these two still haven’t divorced while there were signs here and there that not all is well in the Smith household what broke the illusion of their perfect marriage was when Jada had Will as a guest on her talk show red table talk and confess she had an entanglement with RB singer Austin Alcina.

Why Will Smith Can’t Divorce His Wife?

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett have been married for 20 years and they still go strong well not this strong during those years it has been reported that they cheated on each other and had an open marriage, in other words, Will can be with every woman he wants and that’s fine with Jada and the same with the actress and other men in 2014 will reportedly have an affair with actress Margot Robbie while filming focus and he never denied those reports meanwhile Jada was having an affair with rapper August Oceana and she admitted it but why can’t Will divorce his cheating wife and continue to live his life with whoever he wants.

Apparently, the couple has an expensive prenuptial agreement and if they decide to divorce that would cost them millions on a short clip on red table talk show Will ask Jada do you know why I never got divorced and she jokingly replied it’s super to keep me Will’s net worth is 350 million dollars and his wife’s net worth is 20 million dollars anyway their marriage has never been easy and Jada always spoke about it in one episode of red table talk Jada told her 17 years old daughter willow “there was a period where mommy woke up and cried 45 days straight I started keeping track your father missed some days and it was the worst I have ever felt”.

Some Talks

Jada received a ton of backlash on social media at the five with fans accusing her of being a narcissist playing a victim and essentially humiliating Will in public. She was also criticized for taking advantage of August who was addicted to painkillers and struggling with mental health issues when he and Jada got involved the fact that she sat there in front of her husband and admitted she was in a relationship while they were still married without showing any remorse infuriates me one fan commented at the time, another person said “Jada was dead wrong for preyed on August and using him while he was vulnerable”
 and just when we thought the whole situation couldn’t get any messier August come forward and said “Will gave him his blessing to be with Jada”. For Will, he recently finally opened up about the entanglement scandal in his September interview with GQ and dropped yet another bombshell about his unconventional marriage. Jada wasn’t the only one who had entanglements and Will hinted that he too has extramarital affairs. Will said that at one point his marriage to Jada had given each other trust and freedom with the belief that everybody has to find their way will explain that marriage can’t be a prison and went on to say that although he doesn’t recommend open marriage to everyone head Jada considers it the highest definition of love.

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