Will Smith and Jada Pinkett DIVORCE CONFIRMED by Insider Source, Rumor Explained

Will Smith be taking divorce from Jada Pinkett? Is it really true? Some sources are claiming the two have decided to end their marriage for once and all. The rumor is growing day by day. Fans are highly curious to know the truth behind it. The two have been together for a decade. Both of them understand one another really well. Their chemistry is highly cherished in the industry. Fans will be really disappointed if the two decide to split their prolonged marriage. To know the truth behind it, stay connected with us, just right here.

The Inseparable Pair, Will Smith, And Jada Pinkett

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett love each other a lot? The two are known as ‘couple goals’ in the industry. But you will be surprised to know they are carrying an open marriage. Yes, you heard it right, they have legalized their open marriage. This simply means they can be involved with other individuals while they are married to one another. But despite these things, they share a very beautiful bond among themselves. They have been married for years now.

In an exclusive interview, Will Smith has clearly stated that only death can separate him from Jada Pinkett. They don’t call themselves husband and wife, they don’t want to label their relationship. Will Smith thinks they are lifetime partners, nothing can come between them. The inseparable pair are renowned celebrities of the industry. It’s quite hard to break the pair. Just like any other couple, they too have faced many ups and downs in their relationship. But they have always passed through these rough phases of life. They still stand together as a strong couple.

Will Smith Is Done With Jada Pinkett? They Are Ending Their Marriage? Are The Rumours True?

Both Jada Pinkett and Will Smith have cheated on each other during their marriage period. Many were claiming the pair will break apart soon. But last year, Jada replied to the rumors out there. The couple is still maintaining their marriage. They don’t have any problem with each other’s lifestyles. Though we shouldn’t forget, a few months back, Will was seen heartbroken over Jada’s affair. As of yet, the two have still not decided to end their marriage. Moreover, we don’t think Will and jada will consider divorce. They are in an open marriage, thus they don’t have any boundaries in their marriage.

The couple is not that easy to fall apart, they would like to continue their marriage. Jada has a different perspective towards love and relationship. She has always stood by Will. They also fight like normal couples. The couple has surely passed a lot of storms together. Don’t listen to the rumors out there, you can stay relieved as they are not splitting up, at least not now. We will surely let you know more about them. That’s all for now, to get the latest updates on celebrity gossip and inside stories, stay connected with us, just right here.

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