Will Smith ABUSIVE BEHAVIOUR on Jada Pinkett and Jaden Smith, They are SCARED OF HIM

Is Will Smith abusive in nature? Has he ever attacked Jada Pinkett? Is he abusive with Jaden Smith? Well, there are so many new headlines out there. All fingers are directed towards Will Smith. A few days back the renowned actor won the most prestigious award out there. The Oscars winner openly slapped the comedian on stage! Nothing like this has ever happened at the Oscars. Why did the prestigious actor slap Chris Rock? The clip from the award show is going viral out there. Stay connected with us, to know all about it, just right here.

Will Smith Slapped Chris Rock! What Is The Actual Truth Behind The Story?

We all know who won the title of the best actor! It is none other than Will Smith. Chris Rock presented him with the prestigious award. The renowned comedian joked about Jada’s loss of hair. Obviously, Will Smith will not hear anything about his beloved wife. He loves Jada Pinkett a lot. They have stayed together for years. Jada Pinkett has always been quite open on her social media. Her struggle with her hair is known to everyone out there. Her hair loss struggle is directly attached to her alopecia problem.

Will’s action was shocking for the industry. But then the star justified his actions and it all got cleared for the audience. His genuine speech won hearts out there. Chris’s joke was surely not funny for Will. He wasn’t okay with the joke! Most of the time, celebrities get on board with mean jokes. They don’t react. They do feel uncomfortable but they prefer not to raise their voice. Will wanted to make a statement out there and he surely nailed his job. Yes, he slapped Chris Rock but it was surely not a serious issue.

Will Smith Is Abusive With Jada Pinkett And Jaden Smith! Are The Rumours True?

Well, this particular rumor is absolutely baseless. This is absolutely not true. Smith loves his son and wife. They are one happy family. Just like other couples, they too have problems in their family, but they have always resolved their family issues. Will Smith’s childhood history might scare you to the core. In an exclusive interview, the star openly talked about his childhood days. He has seen his father hitting his mother. He has been through a lot. Will understands the difference between anger and abuse. He has never raised his hand on Jada Pinkett. Their open marriage is not new to us.

Despite being married to Will, Jada has been involved with many men out there. But nothing has been kept under covers, Will knows everything about it. Keeping those things behind, currently, both of them are dedicated to their marriage. Coming to their son, Jaden Pinkett, the man is growing day by day. Will Smith fully supports his son’s actions. He gives the best treatment to his family. We will keep you updated about this particular topic. That’s all for now, to get the latest updates on exciting celebrity gossip and inside tales, stay connected with us, just right here.

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